I can't believe that I am that guy!

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The other day I had mentioned in by blog that the long version of my vacation diaries would be next.  I am still working on it, but I need to do some emergency image repair, first. 
I watch too much baseball on TV.  And purportedly to keep the game interesting, broadcast directors waste countless hours showing us the fans at the game.  This tells me one of two things; either that the game itself isn't worthy of the viewer's attention, or that the viewers aren't bright enough to want to watch baseball and that we'd rather see the people at the game watching the game.  Worst upon worst are the crowd shots of some guy talking - or worse, texting - on his cell phone.
Last night, I was that guy.
A supplier took me and two co-workers to the Brewers game last night (side note - the Brewers are now 1-5 in games that I've attended so far this season).  Apparently late in yesterday's game, I was on TV during a crowd shot.  Unfortunately, it was during one of two times that I was sending a text message to (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, who was letting me know how he played in his game yesterday.
It's funny.  When I got the first message from Mitten, I had mentioned to my buddy, who was sitting right next to me (and conveniently not on the camera), that I am going to be one of the idiots in the really good seats who is playing with his cell phone during the game.  We all got a good laugh off of it.  And now 47 million people saw me sending a text message.
So for the record, I hated myself for doing it last night even before I knew I would be shown on TV sending a text message.  I promise to never do it again.
And Mitten's punishment will be that he is grounded to the closet inside his room until he is 25.

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