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James family, My-Sugar-Na

BBear (who has told me she LOVES the blog... thank you very much, the check is in the mail [she will get a cut of my pay for this blog.]) asked in a comment "I have to ask...  Where did the kids get the nicknames from?"

Good question, BBear, and thanks for writing.

When I started this blog, my wife was adament that I not reveal her name.  In my first entries, she was (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Wife, an homage to ESPN's Tuesday Morning Quarterback, and how he refers to his wife and kids (see the last paragraph).  After the first few entries, she asked for a new name.  Blammo... My-Sugar-Na.  I decided then that the kids and stepkids would not be outed, but they would get the "Official" treatment.

(Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son Mitten - The winter when he was two, I made up the following song about him... "He's a man who likes mittens / and a man who likes kittens / that's why they call him Mitten James."  The nickname stuck.  I am trying to get his Rufus King HS baseball teammates to call him Mitten, too, but that hasn't quite caught on.  Yet.

(Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter Gooey - When she was a teeny-tiny baby, she had a blocked tear duct and the ickky green pus oozed down her face, especially when she was sleeping.  She would wake up and her eye would be crusted shut, but her face (the side she had been sleeping on) was laying in a puddle of goo.  The dot-connection from there is pretty easy.

(Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Stepdaughter Sloppy - Two girls the same age... you can't have a Gooey without a Sloppy now, can you? (She is sometimes called by the Greek versino, Sloppodopolous.)

(Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Stepson Grizzly - For the first few months of my relationship with the women who would eventually become My-Sugar-Na, I couldn't come up with a good nickname for him.  Out of the clear blue, I came up with the ditty... "Little ___ey Bear / Prancing 'round the house / In his underwear / Quiet as a mouse."  Talk about hating his nickname, Little ___ey Bear stuck.  However as he became a teenager, he asked that if he had to have a nickname, could it not sound so childish.  Therefore, Little ___ey Bear became Big ____ Grizzly.  That has been shortened to Grizzly (I call it using Creative License) for the blog.

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