Is it a dry heat, or is it monsoon season?

Bowling, Vacation

Not even the Albuquerque Journal can answer that question.

But armed with Mark the Editor's expense account, I am off to the dessert southwest Friday morning for five days of sun and floods in search of the truth.

OK, that's not why I am going to Albuquerque.  Six months after my elbow surgery (and eight months after I threw my last ball in any competition) I head to the national stage to make my bowling comeback at the USBC national bowling tournament.

I only ask three things of you while I am gone...

1.  I will leave the comment feature unguarded.  You are on your honor to behave - even you "ontheoutskirts".  If anyone misbehaves, I will make them deal with Mark the Editor personally.

2.  If you burglarize my house, please leave an itemized list of what you take so I can file the insurance report.

3.  And for God's sake, people, if you kidnap My-Sugar-Na's children, please get a good, long headstart before you make the ransom demand.  (I have a hidden agenda here.  Spend enough time with them and you will pay US to take them back!)

My plane leaves in nine hours, and I need some sleep.  I'll try to report back on the Albuquerque civic Independance Day festivities.

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