The Denny's PBA tour is bypassing Milwaukee

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For the past four seasons, the USBC Masters qualifying has been held at AMF Bowlero in Wauwatosa (with the finals held twice at Miller Park, and once each at the US Cellular Arena and the State Fair Expo Center).  In January it was announced that the Masters was leaving Milwaukee, and would instead be held in Las Vegas.  Although it was a blow to lose the Masters tournament, at least the Masters was going to become part of the USBC national tournament is that will be held in Las Vegas in 2009.  Unknown is whether the Masters will stay in Las Vegas, or if it will continue to follow the USBC nationals (which are in Reno in 2010, Orlando in 2011, Baton Rouge in 2012, Reno in 2013 and Orlando in 2014).

Shortly after it became clear that AMF Bowlero was losing the Masters, I spoke with the general manager of Bowlero, Roy Brent, who stated that the PBA was looking for a way to give Milwaukee a regular stop on the 2008-09 tour.  Unfortunatly, that didn't happen, as the released schedule does not include a stop in Milwaukee.

Without breaking down the tour stops in great detail, it is clear that cost savings were on the minds of tour management, as three cities (Taylor - in suburban Detriot, Reno and Las Vegas each get TWO tournaments).  Make that four cities, if you include northwestern suburb of Vernon Hills and the southeastern suburb of Hammond, IN as part of Chicago.

More proof that Milwaukee is no longer any sort of bowling capital.  At least Dallas/Arlington didn't get a tournament this year, either.

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