Mamma Mia! or Batman?

Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Nostalga

What a silly question.  Of course I saw Mamma Mia! this past weekend and not Batman.  Are you daft for thinking otherwise?

Everybody is Ohhh'ing and Ahhh'ing Batman's record setting weekend, and based on the critics opinions, there is a reason for it.  Meanwhile, Mamma Mia! was a distant, distant second this weekend (with about 1/7 of the attendance) and the critics were far more iffy about this movie.

I learned a long time ago that I am not a science fiction fan.  I loved Batman growing up... the Adam West version.  In the mid-80s I bought the paperback book companion to the show.  I saw Michael Keaton's Batman in 1989 and fell asleep in the theater.  In the 20 years since, I haven't seen another Batman movie, as each one has gotten darker (both in plot and screen visuals).  I have also long since tired of big explosions / special effects / camera tricks / have you seen The Matrix? / CGI video games, etc.  When the climax of a movie is 50% animation, it's like a dead ball... it stops everything.  My mind (and sometimes my mouth) says "Come on, now"... then I lose focus on what I am watching

An example?  In Indiana Jones and Company Travel to South America to Send an Alien Skull Back to Planet Rencar, there is a jeep chase through a jungle, around trees and over bumpy terrain in which both jeeps travel side - by - side for about 213 miles with characters standing on the hood and seats to battle.  That scene, which clocked in at about 43 minutes, shut me off for the rest of the movie. 

It is one thing to suspend belief and get lost in a movie.  It is another altogether to disobey the laws of physics and computer animation for the sake of making a movie important enough to tie into a Burger King sandwich.

The former brings me back to Mamma Mia.  I saw the show in Las Vegas in 2005, and my parents had seen it in May on Broadway (hours before I started diving into my 3/4# rueben sandwich), so My-Sugar-Na and I went with them to see the show at the Palladium at the Majestic Theater.  You have to suspend belief when - to the tune of "Dancing Queen" - Christine Baranski is singing into a stick of deodorant.  You can get lost in a movie when Pierce Brosnan throws out a vocal chord trying (in vain) to get through "SOS".  Mamma Mia! is fun.  And for $50 (tickets and dinner), I sure want to have fun... not to ponder that potential grey area between good and evil.

Besides, look at the supporting players... You have the super-hot Amanda Seyfried in a bathing suit doing a cat walk across the beach versus a character with bad make-up played by a guy that wasn't smart enough to stay alive until the movie premier.

And you're surprised I chose Mamma Mia over Batman?

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