I am Joe the Plumber

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Ok, so I'm not really a plumber, not named Joe, from Ohio, or looking to buy the business in which I am currently employed.

By now, most everybody knows (and if you don't, read this) that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is not named "Joe", is not a liscenced plumber in the State of Ohio, has a lein on his property for back taxes, may not be a registered voter, and is bald.

But like Joe, I would like to be able to ask a question of a political leader and not ground into dirt for it.  Joe and I have other things in common.  I've had a few tax issues, I don't have a liscence or degree in my profession, and I too am bald(ing).

Joe asked a good question, and because Barack Obama stopped in the guy's driveway, he should not have been condemned for asking that question.  Do you know why else I am not an Obama supporter (besides the fact that he is by far the most liberal Presidential candidiate in eons)?  Because he is just a PR stunt.  I was watching PBS' Frontline last week and they had a dual biography of both Obama and John McCain.  While the first 45 minutes or so was kind of by-the-numbers, when they started talking about Obama's first few days in the Senate, they (and define "they" how ever you'd like) started grooming him for this run...

As McCain the maverick was trying to make peace with his party, Obama the newcomer was being urged by party elders to consider a future run for the White House. Within two years of his arrival in the Senate, a window of opportunity seemed open, if he was willing to take the chance.

"I told him he should do it," former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle tells FRONTLINE. "The longer he's in Washington, the more history he has, and the more history he has, the more he's going to be explaining his votes and his actions and his statements and his positions that undermine his message" -- a message that was all about breaking with the past.

My eyes popped open and my mind started racing.  Did I really just hear Daschle imply that he should do nothing, so that he can't be ripped down?  He wasn't a Senator, he was a black figurehead.  As a state senator in Illinois, Obama voted "present" numerous times... often possibly so that the vote couldn't be held against him.  Since "present" is not an option in the US Senate, he went ahead and voted his way to the title of Most Liberal Senator of 2007 according to the National Journal.

But that's not why I am voting for John McCain (though the above is a hell of a reason).  Basically of the two, McCain comes closest to my views (and I want to reiterate the same thing I mentioned around primary time... that of the all of the brilliant university graduates and political scientists, these two morons are the best we could come up with).

On February 19th, as a response to a comment made in this blog entry, I listed what I wanted in a president...

"I can't afford an Obama presidency.  I want a president to stop spending, so taxes can be cut and the deficit reduced.  Defense spending, however, to defend our nation from another 9/11 attack, as well as to prevent attacks on American interests on foreign soil is absolutely critical.  

I want a president that chucks the illegal aliens out of the country (the jailed ones first).  I want a president that is morally conservative - no abortion, no gay marraiges, etc.  I want a president that realizes that this is a global economy and that for an American company to be profitable, components will be made in foreign countries.  We need to embrace this and work to up the exports to those countries of the finished goods.  Balanced with that, I want a president that works to keep government out of businesses.  The less government, the better.  I want a president to understand that the climate of this planet has been changing for millions of years, and that it will continue to change... and to understand that the global climate in 1876 might not be the perfect temperature.  I want a president to appoint conservative judges - both to US courts and the Supreme Court - to try to stem the tide of "feel good" legislation and reduce the mountain-out-of-molehill lawsuits.

Now, find where the platforms of Obama or Clinton (or Huckabee or McCain, for that matter) match up with my views.  I know that George Bush wasn't the ultimate president (not all can be Ronald Reagan), but if he were running for a third term against these dufuses, I would vote Bush in a heartbeat."

WIth that said, I suggest that you take the ABC News "Match-o-Matic II" test.  It is actually more of a game to determine if you can guess which candidate made a particular quote on 12 issues.  I took the test, and of the 12 sets of quotes, I correctly identified McCain on 11 of them.  The one I missed?  It had to do with the myth of global warming (which we all know can't be attributed to man, and that American's can't afford to fix, right?)  See how many statements you agree with.

Because if Obama and his partymates get their death grip on Washington DC next month, God help us all.

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