PBA CLR Carmen Salvino Scorpion Championship

Bowling, PBA Tour

Doesn't roll off the tongue quite like the Midas Open, does it?

The format for this week's tournament is as follows...

  • Today (Wednesday), 100 bowlers are competing in the seven-game Tour Qualifying Round (TQR).  Each week, there are 64 "exempt" bowlers.  Those bowlers are the ones that begin a 14-game qualifying round on Thursday.  However, there are only about 58 exempt bowlers.  The six bowlers (five professionals and one amateur) with the highest pinfall in the TQR earn a spot in the exempt field.  Of the 100 bowlers, four are from Wisconsin:  PBA members Eric Fritton and Dave Beres from Waukesha, PBA member Lennie Boresch from Kenosha and amateur Scott Radtke from Milwaukee.  As I type this, six of the seven games have been completed, and it is unlikely that our local boys will advance.
  • Tomorrow (Thursday), the 64 exempt players bowl seven games in the morning, and another seven games in the evening.  Greenfield's Chad Kloss is one of the 58 exempt players and is in this group.  After the 14 games on Thursday, the 32 men with the highest pinfall will advance to round-robin match play on Friday. 
  • Also tomorrow, 16 exempt women will bowl 14 games of qualifying, and the 10 women with the highest pinfall will also advance to bowl Friday.
  • On Friday morning, the 32 men each bowl nine games (each game against a different assigned opponent).  For winning a game, each bowler gets 30 bonus pins added to his total.  After completion of the nine games, the top 16 men advance to the evening block.
  • On Friday evening, the top 16 men and top 10 women bowl another nine games of match play (also with the 30 pin bonus for winning a match.  Upon completion, the top four men and top two women advance to Sunday's TV broadcast.
  • On Sunday, the four men bowl the stepladder finals to determine the $25,000 winner.  Upon completion of that, the two women bowl a match paying $10,000 to the winner.

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