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Although I don't think that there was much of anything that AMF Bowlero or the bowling leaders of the area could have done, I still feel gypped that one of bowling's most prestigious tournaments - the USBC Maters - was pulled from Milwaukee after four years.  For this reason, it seems a little hollow to be following the action as it happens in Las Vegas, while trying to convince myself it is as important as it had recently been to me.

Traditionally since the 1950s, the ABC Masters (the American Bowling Congress being the forerunner to the United States Bowling Congress) was held at the site of the ABC national tournament and held on the tournament lanes during the first week in May.  Beginning with the 1999-2000 tournament season, the ABC Masters was aligned with the Professional Bowlers Association and moved to the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV and bowled in January.  After three years in Reno, it was moved to Milwaukee for four years and was contested in October (which was convenient for the PBA as the midwest tournaments are primarily conducted in the fall).  With the announcement last year that the Masters was leaving Milwaukee, it was also announced that it would again be tied to the USBC national tourament.  Although a blow for Milwaukee, a gain for tradition.  (Side note; the cynic in me says that this arrangement will last only three years as the 2010 and 2011 national tournaments are both in Reno, and the PBA's west coast swing is always in January and February.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume the event has been moved to the tournament lanes more for convenience than tradition.  We will see where and when the tournament is held in 2012 when the USBC national tournament is in Baton Rouge, LA).

Last year when I gave the round-by-round updates, it was exciting to chart the course of the local bowlers (of which there were many).  Obviously with the tournament 1500 miles away, there are less Milwaukee-area bowlers.  So as I try to determine a way to make this post relevant, please bear with me. 

This year, there were 451 bowlers (which is down from the 485 bowlers that competed last year in Milwaukee).  After 10 games, the top 114 bowlers made the cut - which was a 207.1 average.  Those 114 bowlers will bowl an additional five games today, and the top 63 (plus last year's champion, Sean Rash) will begin the match play portion.  Notable names in the top 114 include...

  • 3rd place is Mike Scroggins with a 229.2 average.  Scorggins was the 2005 Masters champion, held at the US Cellular Arena.
  • 9th place is Steve Jaros with a 225.5 average.  Jaros was in the 2007 finals at Miller Park, and was the feature of his own story on my blog last November.
  • 11th place is Wendy McPherson with a 224.5 average.  McPherson is the highest female qualifyer.
  • 17th place is Doug Kent with a 222.2 average.  Kent was the 2006 Masters champion, held at the State Fair Expo Center.
  • 23rd place is Chad Kloss with a 220.5 average.  Kloss is an exempt pro from Greenfield, WI.
  • 32nd place is George Lambert IV with a 219.0 average.  Lambert was in the 2006 finals at the Expo Center.
  • 33rd place is Patrick Allen with a 218.9 average.  Allen was in the 2004 and 2007 finals, both held at Miller Park.
  • 37th place is Danny Wiseman with a 217.9 average.  Wiseman was the 2004 Masters Champion at Miller Park.
  • 55th place is Norm Duke with a 214.8 average.  Duke was in the 2005 finals at the US Cellular Arena.
  • 37th place is Tommy Jomes with a 213.3 average.  Jones was also in the 2005 finals at the US Cellular Arena.
  • 84th place is Lennie Boresch with a 211.2 average.  Boresch is from Kenosha, WI.
  • 86th place is Walter Ray Williams with a 210.8 average.  Williams was in the 2007 finals at Miller Park.

So of the top 114, 10% are either from Wisconsin or performed in an arena finals.  Live webcams can be seen here, highlights here, and updated round information can be found here.

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