Which item shall we talk about today?


I've got two potential topics spinnin' in my noggin...

Let me take a quick poll.

(Sponsor's Name Here):  "My-Sugar-Na?  What would you like me to talk about?"

My-Sugar-Na: "It doesn't matter what I say, you're gonna be snarky about the NCAA brackets because I'm beating you!!!!!"

Well, for the sake of my happy marriage (side note; speaking of quotes, here's one from my dad "Happy Wife, Happy Life") I'd better discuss how my wife has jumped up into fourth place in the pool run by a guy at her office.  And here's the discussion... I have no friggin' clue.

Last year, she said she would pick her teams based on mascots, so I offered some help to her.  This year she didn't want my help, so none was offered.  On Sunday morning, I was happy about my picks so I logged onto CBS Sportsline and saw that I was in 8th place, and that a number of those ahead of me had picked Pittsburgh to win, meaning that I could likely pass them if my teams kept winning.  Then I scanned down the list looking for My-Sugar-Na, and I didn't see her.  "Odd", (Sponsor's Name Here) said to himself.

So I started at 8th place and looked up, and then I thought "What the hell is she doing in 4th place"?  I apparently did more than think it, because she had been in the bedroom and she came tearing down the stairs to look over my shoulders at the standings.  Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, as we are running errands.  She is positively giddy about her lot in the pool, and she has me rooting around the AM stations on the car radio because she (foolishly) has picked Michigan State to beat Louisville (proving she doesn't know what she's doing).  I dreaded finding the result, as I was enjoying her good mood; a mood that would obviously trend downward when she hears that my Louisville team defeated her Michigan State team and the resultant passage of her in the standings.

Then we heard the result... Michigan State defeated Louisville

At the end of Sunday, my North Carolina team won the next game (and the team she picked to win wasn't even playing) so she is still in 4th place, and I am still in 8th place. 

Now I only get to hear about it for five more days...

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