Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace

A good portion of our lives is spent at the workplace and working at home. Globalization has taken “do more with less resources” to a new level. Using my career experiences, observations, and education, I will bring real-life scenarios of the Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace to you for interactive dialogue and commenting. Work-life balance is not an easy feat. The goal of my blog is to dive into trilogy challenges we see and face as well as provide realistic approaches to move forward.

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Are You A Boss Or A Leader?

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Throughout my career, I have had too many bosses. Their drive was all about being authoritative. "I am powerful in title therefore, you must obey, and do as I say" regardless, if it is not the correct path or does not align with company philosophy or culture. In today's terms, bosses are classified as bullies when they "inspire" using fear tactics and degradation. They will often refer to the "I" as if the work was accomplished by them when there were victories, yet when there were failures and struggles, it was always "you," "they," or "the team."

They have had a tendency to disable forward progress by attaching puppet strings to employee arms to control areas they did not want to let go of, had a high profile with senior leadership teams or colleagues, and / or they were looking to impress with the intent of forwarding their career. The boss was excellent at using words and arguments to prove out their position, yet could rarely produce actual, consistent examples to corroborate their way of thinking and how it aligned with goals and objectives and / or supported growth initiatives for the company.
Communications consisted of having sentences finished, often times not completing the thought properly. When asked to explain or share information learned, conversations would be cut short when the boss felt they had enough or it did not apply leading to, "I did not know that or you never told me that" comments down the road. Bosses are people, who give the command and tell you when you can stop or go as well as limit your ability to work outside core responsibilities to gain new skills. "People don't leave bad companies, they leave bad managers." (Marcus Buckingham)
I have learned a ton from much so, I have chosen to be a LEADER. It is better to generate enthusiasm in the workplace, while working towards collaborative efforts allowing employees to harness their natural talents. Nurturing areas they want to learn and / or improve upon, while giving them milestones to achieve allows them to track progress and celebrate each goal met. A leader coaches through the good times and bad. They dig in to help when the individual or team hits bedrock.
“Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left? Five, because deciding is different than doing.” (Billy C.) Actions speak louder than words, though words through correspondence action lend credibility as a "we" versus an "I." Everyone needs to know they have done a good job and are appreciated. "...64% of working Americans leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated, while Gallup research shows that 70% of working Americans say they receive no praise or recognition on the job." ( A handwritten note, personal email and / or email to team, or verbal recognition with "special thanks to" will often strike a match and fire up motivation sparking increases in productivity.
Leadership traits at the top of my list to be an effective, credible manager.
1. Communicate effectively with clear expectations, while exercising active listening (and be quiet and attentive when others are speaking.)
2. Make the commitment to colleagues and invest in them...the return will be reciprocated in many ways (many unexpected.)
3. Build your team and not the "I." There is greatness in numbers.
4. Make decisions with decisiveness based on facts not emotions...know the ripple effect.
5. If there is no passion in your work, there is no leadership to give.
Do not be the the LEADER.

9-Pin Tap Bowling Tournament to benefit Homes for Our Troops

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