Mary Lazich asked by NBCRG to track letter from NB Common Council to DNR

Common Council, Mayor Chiavatero, MMSD

No answer from Department of Natural Resources prompts request for follow-up. 

At a September Common Council meeting the Council voted to send a letter to the Secretary of the the Department of Natural resources, expressing the Common Council's concerns with the MMSD 2020 Plan. This was requested because the Council had serious concerns about the contents of the plan as to how it affects the ultimate sewer service area and other items.

The letter was mailed to John Welcher on September 14,  2007.

As president of the New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government, I  contacted the mayor's office on October 4 and again on November 1, to inquire if any answer had been received by Mayor Chiavatero's office. Each time I was informed that no answer had been received.

I phoned State Senator Mary Lazichs' office on Friday, November 2 and told her of the situation. She said she would investigate and report back to me on Monday (today). True to her word, she did just that and has the following report.

Mary Lazich was informed on November 5, 2007 that Mr Welcher was NOT the Secretary of the DNR. The letter was not forwarded to the secretary in any case. At the present time the letter has not been located.

The DNR said they would call Mayor Chiavatero's office and tell them that the Common Council has until November 30, 2007 to file any written questions and concerns to the Department of Natural Resources.

NBCRG would like to thank Senator Lazich for another job done in record time. We ask that the Mayor schedule a Public Hearing, separate from the budget Public Hearing, within the next 2 weeks, so the the Citizens opinions will be heard and acted upon 

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