What's next? A Woman Cave?

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have a Dodgers WIN program (short for Women's Initiatives Network) which has been designed to reach out to women and bring them closer to the game of baseball and its lifestyles.

One of these initiatives made its debut last night (May 20), and that is live, on-line audio broadcast of Wednesday home games of the Dodgers geared towards women.   Former Fox studio hostess Jeanne Zelasko will be the play-by-play, um, guy and Dodgers Assistant Coach Mark Sweeney will be the color guy.  The broadcasts will be archived on their website (which I tried to link to, but when I clicked to listen to the archived game, I got a "Internal Service Error".  Gotta love when a newly launched program sputters due to a technical glitch right off the bat.)

Despite the technical glitch, I found the idea intriuging.  I interviewed My-Sugar-Na, who said the following (at first she wasn't sure if these were replacing or supplementing the standard broadcasts)...

"Replacing the 'normal' broadcasts may lure the female fan, but drive away male fans who already know all this information.

I think having an additional broadcaster the booth who is not totally familiar with baseball jargon would be more help than just having Zelasko asking the questions.  An ordinary citizen would bring the perspective of the female fan that the Dodgers are trying to attract.  Having two people already knowledgeable about the sport may not work since the questions they ask about or explain may not be what the causal female fan doesn’t understand.  These two would basically be guessing as to what parts of the game need more explanation to the listeners."

I then mentioned that I believed this program to be in addition to the regular broadcasts and she said...

"Well then that would need announcements about the additional broadcasts.  I don’t think it will work.  Also, tracking the success rate would be difficult."

It is my opinion that this may be a good idea, but it will die of poor execution.  I think it is kinda silly to make it an on-line broadcastThis article includes the following quote by Zelasko; "Sometimes as broadcasters we almost lose touch with the people that are actually out there watching and listening to the game," Zelasko said. "I'll have an ear to the ground, just being a mom and being out there."

I don't know a lot of mothers that - in the course of being a mom - will want to fire up the computer and listen to a baseball game.  I agree with My-Sugar-Na that it will need a whole lotta promotion.  I would think a better idea would be to simulcast the Dodgers WIN audio onto the video feed, then broadcast that on a cable access station.  I am not sure if My-Sugar-Na would want to listen to a baseball broadcast geared at women or not, but if it was televised and she was interested, I could see myself turning on that broadcast so she could be more involved.

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