Ask your neighbor

Free market, West Allis

Shortly and simply... I am looking for new homeowners insurance.

I've gone through a couple insurers, and have run into the issue of my home being "older" (built in 1927) and specifically that it has galvanized pipes.  Since West Allis is filled with older homes, I have to assume that these homes are insured, and that homeowners as a group have a cache of agents that cater to these homes.

This is one of those times when the need (in this case, my insurance) intersects with a forum to give props to community assets (in this case, local insurance agents).

Since somebody (certainly not me) thought it was a good idea to allow for unmoderated commenting, please feel free to add your comments about your insurance agent - especially if you have had issues with finding reasonably priced insurance based on plumbing issues.

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