2nd Quarter Lightning Round

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I can't understand the $4.1 million in state funds to help with LAST June's flooding.  Thanks to Guv Luv, the state is somewhere between $6.5 billion and infinity in debt, but yet the taxpayers have to pony up because of bad luck 12 months ago.  My house has flood insurance and it shouldn't be the state's responsibility to cover those that don't... I also can't understand how Obama can think that our health care system needs to be gunked up with government intervention.  As if the home run he hit giving beau coup bailout funds to GM and Chrysler this past winter wasn't indication enough, now we own them...  GMAC holds my mortgage, do you think this gives me leverage to renegotiate?...Buy a semi-trailer or locomotive radiator, please... Last week I suggesed that Jody Gerut of the Brewers lost Thursday's game.  In watching Sunday's loss, it was a case of the White Sox being a better team that day.  Their pitcher hit a home run, and they scored a run in the last inning against the best closer in baseball history.  Just gotta tip the cap to the Pale Hose and get on the plane to Cleveland... The late Little Cafe is in the process of becoming Big Al's Cafe... I found my cell phone... I dug up about 20 square feet of back yard and replanted grass seed yesterday.  How long before its smokable (I'm kidding!)... True or false - If a vehicle can't achieve (or a driver chooses not to drive) at the speed limit on the freeway, then that vehicle or person should not be on the freeway?  I am not a crazy driver (maybe 5-10 over the speed limit), but I get tired of being stuck behind dump trucks and blue hairs in the left lane... Speaking of the freeway - specifically the Zoo Interchange reconstruction - does anybody think that these public hearings are nothing more than to say that they've had public hearings?  The reality is that the engineers and the Department of Transportation who are [sarcasm on] way smarter than us [sarcasm off] already know what they want (see the 9th paragraph of this link) and the only hang up is how much money will ultimately be made available... Former Professional Bowlers Association mega-star Mark Roth had a stroke two weeks ago, and is still paralyzed on his left side.  The Associated Press never reported this... Did anybody really think the Iranian elections were going to be legit?... After a Craps-tastic week in Vegas in April, the sevenout gods are getting even with me... Don't laugh, but how long before we start getting rumblings about replacing Miller Park.  Consider the facts; (1) Bud Selig first floated the idea of replacing County Stadium in 1986, (2) Ground was broken in 1996, (3) The stadium opened in 2001, (4) the stated "useful" life of Miller Park is 30 years, (5) If it took 15 years from idea to opening, then these talks need to start happening in 2016, (6) That's only seven years from now, gang... The new season of Dexter starts on September 27th, John Lithgow is the celebrity serial killer this season... Tweet, tweet, tweet.

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