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Bet you thought this was another “Love Letter” to Michael Jackson.  Oh how wrong one can be.

Michael Jackson was a man who will be known as; the-man-who-left-his-children-nothing-but-memories-of-a-man-who-slept-with-pre-teen-boys-who-also-made-them-wear-masks-in-public-while-refusing-to-allow-them-to-play-with-children-their-own-age.

Has anyone mentioned seeing Princess Diana’s boys wearing masks?  Were they allowed friends of their own?  How about Madonna?  Her children seem to be in the public eye, correct?  Even Celine Dion, the highest paid singer, goes into public places with her son.  The aforementioned superstars allowed their children and are allowing them the most normal life a million dollars can afford.  I can go on and on, but the fact is this, why would this man feel that his children did not deserve a normal life?  Why were they kept from having relationships with other children?  Why would he constantly put them in harm’s way as seen in the made for TV event regarding his life within the past couple of years?

Michael Jackson, as we know, is the most bizarre performer in the world.  He changed from an African American male to a Caucasian female within a 10 year period.  Why, oh why, do we mourn the man whom we know full well had a history of pedophilia?

Sure, Michael was a good singer and a great dancer.  That much we know.  But, along with this information we know so much more.  He was raised by Joe and Katherine Jackson.  Joe abused his children with more than his hands.  He beat them into a place of fear and submission.  All the while, Katherine sat by the wayside.  Was she living in the same fear or was her eye on the Pot O’ Gold at the end of the rainbow?

Michael has been accused of sleeping with young boys.  He is also known for his many plastic surgeries.  Besides LaToya’s facial reconstructions, what happened to the others?  Janet has gone up and down with her weight, this much we know.  We also know that the other members of the Jackson 5 consisted of; Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, and Tito.  Out of the remaining Jackson siblings, which other has been known to sleep with young boys?  Which other has been so bizarre despite being raised by the same two parents?

Regard the youngest victims, his children, we also know this; they may or may not have been conceived by Michael.  He purchased the oldest two from a woman named Debbie Rowe.  The mother of the youngest may never be known, as she was a surrogate.  These are the only ones who should be receiving our sympathy at this time.

My suggestion is this: allow the children to have a normal life by taking them from the absurdity of the situation.  Catherine is still married to Joe.  He will be the first to convince this elderly, frail woman to allow these children to become his next cash cows.  Because she has been living with him and is still in the same place mentally and physically, she will have no choice but to do whatever he wishes.  The biological mothers of all involved should refrain from claiming stake. They have been paid, and I am sure, more than well.  Is Janet a candidate for parental guidance?   She seems to have a more stable environment than the rest. 

One question for those who do think this is our greatest loss ever; would you allow your pre-teen sons to sleep with a grown man?   What if he had a billion dollars and offered to pay you for the sleepovers?  How about if he paid you, and said you could sleep in the guest house on the other side of his estate?  You know what?  Neither would I!

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