So much going on, so little to say

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You'd think I would have posted more, what with some of the big news headlines the past month...

But life just keeps getting in the way.  Every time I have a good idea for a blog, I consider the time it takes to find cute links, type the damn thing, proofread it, etc... I've moved on to something else.

For as bad as the economy is, work is to blame.  I often blog during my lunch hour, but I haven't had as many lately.  In a cost cutting move, the clerical in our department was let go, which leaves li'l ol' me.  Granted, we aren't too busy, but there is a great learning curve with this... and interruptions, too.  So I tell myslef to blog from home.... which I can't do because I am either warn out from spending all day in front of the computer or because I am on various message boards either reading about gambling, indoor soccer, bowling or TV.  I log on with the intent to blog, but then I drift over to one of these boards and get lost arguing with some anonymous schmoe about ways a minor league sport can survive in this economy.

The absolute back breaker, though, was that in the same week about two months ago, the American Life Network put on Hill Street Blues each weeknight, and the local MeTV affiliiate did the same with Emergency! reruns.  Now, on top of the stress of working for two and mourning the death of the above, I am trying to cram an additional two hours of TV a day into my life.

Somethin's gotta give.  I may have to quit my job soon.

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