Day 1 Part 2 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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So I turn left off of 92nd St onto Orchard Thursday night at 5:30, and I see My-Sugar-Na waving lines of cars onto our yard. The State Fair is in full swing.  This is our fourth Fair in West Allis, and we've never had more than a couple of cars parking in our yard the first day, so this was a little quite unexpected.  I didn't even have time to change clothes, I opened up the garage doors, quickly shoved a couch (Side note; we bought this beautiful sofa sleeper from a friend a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't get it into the family room.  No way it gets through the back door, so we went through the living room... damn swinging dining room door.  Couldn't get it off of its swinger, so now it sits in the garage until I can figure out how to get that door off.  Ticks me off, too, as the money from the couch came out of my Vegas fund. [Special double side note; did I mention that in June I managed to get a round trip ticket to Vegas for the weekend of November 7 for only $138?  I couldn't NOT buy that ticket.  Now I have three more months to save up to the amount of money I want to take.  Having a 2-Benjamin couch in my garage is a contraindication.]) up against a wall and quickly slid some bikes into the storage locker.  I no sooner had the garage cleaned out when a Foreigner fan parked her SUV there.

And about 6:15, the traffic just stopped.  I had one last stinking spot to fill so I stayed out for another half hour.  In speaking with the departing Fairgoers, I hadn't realized that it was some sort of "bring food for charity and get in cheap" promotion.  I had wondered why I saw someone carrying two small boxes of Minute Rice as he parked his car.  God love charities!  On Day 1, we parked 16 cars and have made almost 15% of last year's total for the eleven day run. 

However, this weekend's weather will present a challenge for the neighborhood.  Storms all evening tonight, and oppressive heat and humidity Sunday will keep the crowds down.

I went about a month without a meaningful thing to blog about, and now when I would prefer to concentrate on the Fair-related blogging, there are just too many things I also want to add.

First, read this about a kid whose parents sued a little league baseball organization - and was awarded $125,000 because the kid tore up his knee when sliding.  Then read this about a California girl whose lemonade stand was shut down.  AARP can't keep their members under control when it comes to Prime Minister President Obama's healthcare plan. 

Finally, there is this fantastic essay (though it is long, make sure you look at the photo slide show and read the captions, too) from the Washington Post about an Indiana family hit hard by the recession, and how they unsuccesfully try to avoid having to move into the wife's mom's basement in Michigan.

(Side note; once again I have a heart) In reading this, part of me considers that on the day their unemployment checks are posted to their account, the husband is buying lottery tickets and having eight beers at the bar.  In theory, if you don't have the money those two things really should be eliminated.  But if those things are the only things that give this guy any relief from the situation, I can't really fault him. Can't fault the wife, either, for declining a job that pays less than unemployment - except for the fact that unemployment compensation will run out, likely before she would lose that job.  This story really did make me think.  The best conclusion I made is that if I lose my house and have to move (with almost no money in hand) to a different location, I certainly would NOT pick one with a worse employment picture as the town I was leaving.  There are very few boom towns in this recession, but I wouldn't move to the worst town in America to find a job and have to live in a urine-stained basement.

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