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First, let's dispatch the preliminaries.  Casa de James housed one automobile on the first Sunday of the State Fair.  Uno.  Eine.  In about five hours of sitting alone outside waiting for that rush to start at any time...

Sitting and sweltering offered lots of time to think.  One thing I thought about (while sitting on my porch while on a break from sitting in the sun) was about how and when I would hang my Christmas lights this year.  Eventually, however, my thoughts turned to how completely wrong the weathermen were this weekend.

Let's be honest, Channel 4 phoned it in.

As far back as Thursday, all weathermen that I watched seemed on the same page regarding the forecast... rainy on Friday, showers end as the temps and dew points rise on Saturday, opressive on Sunday, with showers on Monday ahead of a cold front.

On Friday, same forecast.  As a matter of fact, Mike Tamas on CBS 58 (who I usually like) said that the atmosphere would be "capped" all weekend, with the hot air rising so high that there was no chance for cold air to cause storms.

On Saturday, same forecast.

Now it's Sunday.  Highs in the mid-90s with no relief, right? 

Sunday morning I was watching TV and saw a crawl on the Weather Channel that we were in a Tornado Watch expiring at 6:00 PM.  "Hmmm", I said to myself. "Nobody mentioned storms for today".  I was watching Charlie Sykes show, and around 10:20 AM they had their newsbreak and Michael Fish (no I have no real use for) gave us the "Whew, is it hot" (in their air conditioned studio) line and just made a passing comment about rain later in the evening.  Around Noon, it had already began clouding up (those clouds would pass, but go with me on this) so I checked with the Weather Plus station (Channel 4's weather station, Time/Warner channels 104 and 574) and there was Ol' Fish, again with a weather report recorded much earlier... never mentioning the Tornado Watch, and again stating rain moving in at night.

In the Beating a Dead Horse department, clearly the weather guys fanned on forecasting yesterday's storms.  But unacceptable is Channel 4 - with the mega-jillions of dollars they spend on weather equipment in lieu of actual journalists to report actual news - plugging in a few pre-recorded weather segments AFTER a Tornado Watch is posted.

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