Storm Watching on 45 S

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Yesterday, three of us drove back to Milwaukee from a another lovely and fun-filled "Waupaca Weekend". Of course our timing was perfect since we drove down in the height of the storms that battered lower Wisconsin. When the weather is like this, I'm always happy to make it through Dodge and Washington counties as they are Wisconsin's "tornado alley".

The wind was really trying to push the van we were in all over the road. We could see it actually moving other vehicles and cars pulling trailers. Gotta watch those trailers.  Ahead of us the lightening strikes were quite spectacular as they came down from the sky in beautiful jagged lines.  The rain came and went depending on which black cloud we happened to be travelling under. It was either heavy, hard and fast then tapering to a soft drizzle as the van moved away from that black or dark grey clouds.

Speaking of clouds. They were most fantastic. If you're a cloud-watcher and like to find shapes yesterday was the day to be out there watching the clouds. I saw a long monster with huge head and mouth agape waiting to devour its dinner. I also saw a mountain range of white clouds that reminded me of the Tibetan range of snow covered peaks. Then, there was the castle atop the sloping mountain. I didn't see Prince Charming but, I'm sure he was inside his castle. The clouds were huge and rolling from the west toward the east.  I'd bet that if one had n unobstructive view from Lake Michigan whole cloud cities could have been "seen".

Later that early evening, I came up to my computer and looked to the western sky. The grey and black clouds were replaced by a red tinged sunset with some blue and the remnants of the grey clouds heading east. Of course, my garden is happy for the rain as I'm not the most diligent waterers. I do think the plants prefer the rain. I wonder who did the rain dance this past week to generate the torrent of rain that fell on Wisconsin.

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