Day 6 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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Welcome to both of you that navigated over here from the JS Online home page, clicked the link under the Newswatch section on the right side (above the fold) that's called "Read More From Our News Partners".  MyCommunityNOW editor Mark Maley was fascinated enough by this content that he is linking by blog for the remainder of the State Fair (unless he didn't like that picture.  In the event the link is removed, pretend you didn't read this paragraph and continue after the break).

To get my new readers up to speed, a very short introduction on how my State Fair blogging began, that fateful day in August, 2007--->  I was bored and I like to type.  Throw in my delight in reading my own words (assuring constant hits on the counter) and I knew I could produce a well read (Side note; well as in "Well, I like it") commentary.

Living three blocks from the main gate of the Fairgrounds, I am also fortunate enough to be able to park cars on my lawn.  This serves two purposes.  Not only do I get more money to be able to contribute to the local economy, I offer a quick park and short walk to the fair (unlike fellow blogger, Julie, who spent an extra nickel to wait a half hour to park on the grounds.

With all that said, I did make a promise to my wife way back when I started this blog.  She didn't want me to name her specifically, and implied that I shouldn't name the kids, either.  Therefore, here is the cast of carachters that you might encounter as your read my ramblings...

  • My-Sugar-Na - My current favorite wife
  • (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten - My teenage son, who is too busy being a teenager to spend time with his dad anymore.
  • (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey - My preteen daughter, who loves spending time with me until she realizes it sometimes involves effort.
  • (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Step-Son, Grizzly - See Mitten, but Grizzly is my wife's son. Since he lives with us (while Mitten and Gooey live with their mother) Grizzly works harder to avoid work than the other kids.
  • (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Step-Daughter, Sloppy - Sloppy is about nine months older than Gooey, she is so "been there, done that".  Sloppy has become a successful extortionist which will come in handy later in life.

As I mentioned in my other entry from this morning, I anticipate the Two-for-One admissions will create a lot of neighborhood parking.  Hopefully by now, the lot is starting to fill.  Once we are either (a) full or (b) convinced we aren't going to become full, My-Sugar-Na and I will actually walk over to the Fair and eat ourselves silly with the Crazy Grazin' Day specials.

But have faith, my trusty quorum.  I can detail my trip at length tomorrow morning.  I know how to bore you in the long form, too.

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