Day 8 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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What is the A-#1 issue in the United States right now? (No, not euthanizing old people.  It's the economy.)  I've been waiting to read anything in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the State Fair and the attendance.  Granted, a la Summerfest, actual daily attendance is not divulged.  But the reporters don't even appear to allude to the crowds being larger, smaller, etc.  The daily food-on-a-stick reports were cute for a couple of days, but that can't be the only daily story (oh, I forgot about the cute-kids reports and farmers-and-their-animals stories.)

Is there any crime going on at the Fair?  Are people unhappy with how a particular attraction, ride or booth is being run?  Any way the race track (currently used for parking and for lame concerts) could be used for, oh, I don't know... racing (maybe some local stock car races on a weekday evening for those of us that used to attend the races at Hales Corners Speedway)?  And for crimeny sake, what are the crowds like? (Side note; every fall, MyCommunityNOW editor Mark Maley invites all bloggers to a meeting, and for the past couple of years the Editor Marty Kaiser and Publisher Betsy Brenner have spoken to the bloggers.  This past meeting, both discussed that with the newspaper industry changing, how news is covered by a local paper needs to change.  Specifically, the focus has to switch to more local coverage.  For example, if you are getting your news online and a major story happens in Pittsburgh, you will probably go to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or somone like CNN for on-line news.  Well, if MJS is focusing more on local events, how have they have fanned so badly on actual news related to the State Fair?)

I understand the State Fair is an entertainment venue, and that everybody associated with it wants it to be accessable to all and for everyone to have a lot of fun.  But in 2009 your local paper is just a PR arm for the Fair. Look at the stories posted in their special section.

Last summer, as the economy was slumping, the buzzword was "Staycation".  People were going to attend local doin's instead of going long distances for more expensive vacations.  But we haven't heard much about this year.  I attended the Fair on Tuesday, and the crowds seemed OK, not particularly huge, but decent for a Tuesday night.  I want to know how the Fair as a whole is doing, though, and we've instead been treated to four different stories with "bacon" in the title.

My-Sugar-Na did not get to the Fair as planned, as the barns were closed for a switchover (which is why she was going to go).  She did park five cars, though, as I was at the Cubs/Phillies game, and she is planning on taking her daughter tonight, instead.

Hopefully, for those of us in the Home Car Parking industry, the weather will stay reasonable and there will be lots of folks (I'm talking to you, Laura) avoiding the parking hassles of the Fairgrounds and instead parking on neighborhood lawns - so that there is more time to be spent attending the Fair, and less time driving in circles.

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