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I have this friend, I'll call her "Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na".  She is cute as the Dickens.  And recently, she needed a new purse, as the zipper ripped off of the old one.

Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na is very particular about her purse.  It needs enough compartments in which to bury the evidence put her keys, wallet, iPhone, notepad, Carmex, coupon keeper, galoshes, sun block, a 2-liter of Diet Rite, Vier Pogo Squad 51 and her car.  It also has to have straps that are large enough so that she can put her purse over her shoulder when she has her winter jacket on, but not so long as to drag the ground when she carries it by the straps.

So when Zipper Crisis '09 occurred, Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na went to 14 different department stores over the course of four days - spending at least 90 minutes in each one.  She tried them on, put her gear in some, had a gorilla stomp on them, and generally put them through the Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na test.

The day arrived when she brought the purple beaut home, proclaiming how she had found nirvana... until the next day.  It was too deep; stuff got lost in there.  And the straps weren't what she thought they'd be.  And probably other things that I've since repressed.  She was almost inconsolable.

Until a week later.  Making a random trip to Target, Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na noticed that they had moved the purses to the front of the store near the entrance.  And there it was.  THE purse.  Set to the side slightly, so that the shimmering halo around it was visible on all sides.  It fit all the criteria, and was in her price range of less than one mortgage payment.

Now the 14 store, perfect purse has been demoted to Emergency Back-up status, while the Johnny-Come-Lately purse proudly rules Someone-Else's-Sugar-Na's roost.

Why do people buy cars from dealers?  With the boys getting older, we were suckered into a used car dealership when we heard a particular radio ad.  At this point, I won't mention the dealer's name, but I am not particularly thrilled with the experience. 

We applied for financing on-line, and were approved pretty quickly.  We made an appointment to meet the salesman (with a cash down payment in hand) and got to the dealership by 7:00 PM last Wednesday.  We test drove three cars, selected one, and by this point it was closing time and I was told to come back the next day to close the deal.  I left work early last Thursday and got there by 4:15, and made it clear I had to leave by 5:45 (to get to bowling on time).  I finally drove the selected car out of the dealership at 6:10 PM.

Before I go much further, why should it take almost 4 hours to test drive three cars, hand over a wad of cash and sign the financing forms?  There was a slight haggle over the price, but other than that this was a pretty cut-and-dried transaction.  But it seems that all I did was wait.  When we first arrived we waited while the salesman talked to the credit guy about how much the credit line was (that should have been already in the file folder).  Then the used cars were across the street, so we waited until we could get a ride over there.  Then half the cars didn't have any pricing or options listed so he had to look into that.  When we got back to the other side we had to wait to see if the financing guy had time (translated, if we were worth working overtime for... we weren't).  The next afternoon I had to wait again for the finance guy, and then I needed a ride to the other side of the street (again) to meet with the credit guy.  Once done with that, I had to wait for the salesman to bring my car back over.  I'm tellin' ya... 4 hours is not cool and did not make (Sponsor's Name Here) a happy fellow.

So everything is fine on Friday, and My-Sugar-Na and I drive to Madison for the Badgers game on Saturday morning.  Everything is fine (Side note; if you like barbeque, try Fat Jacks in Madison.  It is right off of the Beltline on Monona Drive, about three blocks north.  Excellent smoky meat.  But make sure you ask for no sauce.  The sauce is good, but you can apply it yourself, and the meat doesn't need any help. Kind of like going to Eddie Martini's for a steak and having them bring it to you slathered in A1), and we get home around 6:00 PM.  One of my friends was hosting a poker game that night, so I jumped in the shower, changed clothes and got back in my car.

And it didn't start.  I figured it was the alternator.

It took from 6:30 Saturday night until 9:00 Monday evening to get the dealer to tow the car back to the shop.  I picked it up yesterday, and they said the dome light was on and it had drained the battery.  Click and Clack I'm not, but after a 90 mile drive and a 30 minute rest, the battery should have plenty of juice to have survived a dome light being left on (which I don't think I did, as it was bright and sunny all day).  So the dealership just gave the battery a full charge and sent me on my merry way.

I hope I get home from work this afternoon.

For entertainment purposes only, I had a horrible week picking football games with the spread this weekend, going 1-7.  That is hard to do, because the odds on any football game are 6:5.  You couldn't say that I got caught in a trend...

  • I picked Pittsburgh (a home favorite) over Tennessee.  Pitt won, but didn't cover.
  • I picked Wisconsin (a home favorite) over Fresno St. only because I was there.  This was a dumb one, as the Badgers all had the flu and didn't practice (and they played like it).
  • I picked another home favorite (Houston)
  • I picked a home underdog that got crushed (Carolina)
  • I picked a road double-digit underdog (Kansas City)
  • I picked a home double-digit favorite (New England, who also won but didn't cover)
  • I picked an UNDER that went OVER (SD / Oakland)
  • But I did get one right picking a home double-digit underdog (Oakland)

I even screwed up my fantasy team by winning.  I have a team of pretend players that only their pretend mothers could love, and nobody did particularly well.  But my opponent did even worse.  Sigh.  So here I am at 1-0, on my way to 3-0, on my way to 7-7.

I love pro football!

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