Obama-care could have killed My-Sugar-Na

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I will give no details other than to detail the following...

  • My-Sugar-Na has been battling a specific problem and seeing a specialist for 1-1/2 years.
  • A new symptom developed last week Wednesday, so she called her specialist.
  • She saw the specialist in the office last week Thursday, and ordered two tests.
  • Those tests were done last week Friday.
  • On Saturday, she developed a complication and went to a walk-in clinic, which transferred her to the emergency room.
  • Today (on Wednesday) she was scheduled to meet with a different doctor to discuss the results and determine the next course of action.
  • That doctor determined that the visit was not necessary, so she met her specialist today to discuss what to do next.

How long would that take if it happened two years into Obama's health plan?  Six months?  Nine?  Her symptoms last Wednesday were not life threatening, so she would have, in effect, gone to the end of the line.  And what if it was serious (the extent of which wouldn't have been determined until the tests were done)?  Nothing in what I've heard about Obama's plan tells me that the tests would have been done in 48 hours.

Coincidentally, the open enrollment period for our health insurance began last week Monday.  Because our current carrier, Mega-Health-Insurance-Conglomerate "A", offered a drastically altered plan, the company sought out and contracted with Mega-Health-Insurance-Conglomrrate "B" for their employees.  The additional cost out of each paycheck is more than last year, and the benefits - though changing - are acceptable (Side note; good grief... the free market at work.  Don't tell the government or they'll try to screw it up.  What?  I'm too late?  Oh, that's gonna hurt.)  Luckily for us, all of our doctors are part of the new plan.

But what if, under Obama's plan (a plan that nobody seems to know for sure what is in it, but dammit we must need) the company decided to pay the penalty and not offer a private insurance to us?  I am sure the company now is paying more for the insurance than the penalty would be.  Don't tell me some stuffed shirt wouldn't consider dropping the insurance offer, paying the penalty, and putting the savings on the bottom line for the shareholders.

So instead of what has become a fantastic response to My-Sugar-Na's medical issue, I would be blogging now about the roach that entered her ear and is eating her brain.  Why?  Because we might still be six weeks away from the tests that actually dismissed that possible diagnosis.  We wouldn't know.  We'd be on pins and needles because our Socialist president decided that government knows better how to treat a person than private sector.

This is the same government that authorized the use of $1,000,000,000 of my money to buy people new cars (in which many buyers financed, and now have a new monthly bill they can hardly afford.)  The same government that couldn't figure out how to get my money back into the dealer's hands, and when the program proved to be popular, they TRIPLED the amount of tax money they allocated... and tripled the headaches for the dealers that still can't get their money.

In the "Here's a Surprise, a Government Program that Backfired" Department, is the fact that millions of perfectly good cars were destroyed for this.  Now people that couldn't afford a car that still would cost over $10,000 after the government credit do not have access to as many vehicles on the secondary or tertiary market.  One of those people, (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, is working towards getting his driver's licence (and God willing and with a good breeze may make it) and will need a vehicle.  I bought many, many cars from people for $500 or $1000 in my time, and many of those cars lasted for years. 

$3billion of tax money given to car buyers at a rate of $3,500/car means that over 857,000 cars were taken out of circulation... an average of 17,000 cars per state.  I am sure some of those 857,000 cars shouldn't have even been driven to the dealer, and there are reports that some cars that were surrendered were worth far more than $3,500.  But to answer a problem that didn't exist, $3,000,000,000 in tax money was used to make it impossible for my son to find a reasonably priced first car. And - get this - a 17 year old boy COULD be considered to be part of the lower class... the unwashed masses that Obama is trying to help.

Name a government program that helps the people that it intends to, is not abused by the citizens, and is monitored closely to avoid fraud.

Yeah, me neither.

I took the long route to get to this point... So, tell me again why Obama's health care plan would be better than our privately run health care plan?

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