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For some reason, more stuff is getting me angry than makes me happy.  Time to get some off my chest.

1)  I don't get "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.  Anyone who isn't aware of breast cancer (and likewise prostate cancer) is an idiot.  In fairness, I do appreciate that companies are donating x% of the sales of a particular product, but I am not exactly sure that football players wearing pink gloves is anything more than a lot of "me too" bandwagon jumping.

2)  Speaking of complaining about watching playoff baseball on TV, is there any particular reason that games have to go four hours?  I've thought this for years... there has to be something that is directed towards the umpires to drag out the late innings as long as possible, a la the fake drama created on Deal or No Deal.

3)  The brakes on my recently purchased used car still squeal.  The dealer insists they don't.  My-Sugar-Na wants to get them fixed while I am in Las Vegas.

4)  While I'm ranting about my trip to Las Vegas, I am already upset that I will only be there for 55 hours, and at least three of those hours will be consumed with getting the rental car and arriving at the airport a little too early.  This is on top of the fact that this is supposed to be a poker weekend with the boys, which I scheduled on the same weekend that the World Series of Poker finals will be held in Vegas.  I can't believe I did such a dumb thing.  We're gonna be stuck at places like Joker's Wild out in Henderson, lest we get stuck playing with real poker players.

5)  Not often that I get upset about being right.  I knew Cash for Clunkers was a moronic idea, but when I found that the Wall Street Journal agreed with me, I didn't feel vindicated, I instead felt like someone should have listened to me earlier.  I also feel that anyone who thinks any "stimulus" package will actually work (short of a tax rebate check or lowering the tax rate) shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore.

6)  I am not particularly happy about getting older.  I am having a horrible start to the bowling season, and the only thing I can come up with is that I can't get loose in the 10 short minutes of warm-up that is allowed.  I have no particular physical problems (like when my elbow was hurting me) to blame.  So the worse I bowl, the more I imagine problems that probably aren't there.  In other words, I think too much.

7)  I think we have too many TV channels, and to fill the thousands of hours of daily air time, shows are getting beyond what had been called stupid.  People, wake up.  We have a society filled with people that think this will be something that is entertaining to watch.  As Lisa Simpson once said, "You'll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator".  I think this is even lower than the LCD.

8)  The Nanny State remains alive and well, as ...

FTC will now require that writers on the Web clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products.  The guides are not binding law, but rather interpretations of law that hope to help advertisers comply with regulations.

In other words, the FTC is requiring something that is not a law.  Our tax money at work!

9)  I listen to AM radio on the drive home from work, and both WISN and WTMJ have some sort of stock market recap or business report.  I don't know how to put this concisely, but on Day 1, you might here "the market closed lower on word that so-and-so company will report larger-than-expected losses".  The next day, you may hear "Advancers beat decliners on the news that consumer confidence rose 1%".  The following day "The market closed down based on the continued decline on the cost of oil".  And so on.  Is it me, or wouldn't you think someone would try to find out why consumer confidence rose if companies are announcing losses?  And if the oil market continues to decline, wasn't that also happening as consumer confidence rose?  It is almost as if there is a list of 20 comments that can be filled in on a whim after the phrase "the market rose/declined as...."  Either the reporters don't have a clue, or they think we are too dumb to remember the previous day.

10)  Back to football, the NFL has out-marketed itself.  One of the big cries this season is how many teams are not selling out their games, and so that team's home game are not broadcast in their market.  Many are blaming the economy, but more blame belongs on the NFL and the fact that they've made the event of NOT going to the games so appealing.  I went to a Packer game last year, and got highlights of other games two or three times.  I got to listen to commercials during the constant TV time-outs, and spent a whole lotta time not watching football.  I couldn't check fantasy stats, I couldn't check on other games that I may have a wager on, etc.  But if I sit at home, I can keep the laptop fired up and be on top of the stats, if I have DirecTV I can watch every game - and never see a commercial - and on some cable systems the NFL RedZone channel cuts into every game.  Why would anyone spend a fortune on tickets, parking, bad food and three minutes of down for every minute of football, when one can sit on the recliner and surround themselves with football (especially if your team is lousy).  The NFL has made their offerings so complete that I'm not even concerned if my streak of getting to one Packer game a year is broken.

11)  (Side note; 10 rants seemed like a good number, but I haven't blogged for awhile, so you get the benefit of bonus whining!)  For years, my Friday had many constants; I wear a Hawai'ian shirt every Friday without fail.  I stop at Starbucks on the way to work for a Triple Grande Nonfat (with Whip) Mocha with raspberry syrup in the summer, and peppermint in the winter, and a large coffee for my boss.  And on the drive into work, I would listen to WTMJ radio and the "Weather song" that preceded Craig Koplein's spot at 7:40.  Suddenly on September 4th, WTMJ management announces that the "weather song"  had "run its course".  That same day, afternoon news guy Phil Cianciola gets fired.  I think that ended the mystery of who the singer of the "weather song" was.  But Friday's haven't been the same for the past five weeks.  Could that be the correlation to my lousy bowling on Friday nights?  Maybe when Cianciola gets his podcast going, he can play that song each Friday.

12)  Some of my favorite restaurants keep disappearing.  So long, Johnny V's Pizza on Highway 100.

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