Theft in our Schools

My focus this week is on theft in our schools. My son contacted me last week and informed me that his $80 Nike shoes were stolen from him in gym class. He set them down, turned to his locker, turned around again and they were gone. Luckily for him he had an extra pair in his locker, unlucky for him he didn't tell the gym teacher right away!

His gym class is at 9:30AM and he finally reported it to one of the asst. principal's at Noon. Needless to say the VP told my son go back to the lockers, look in them and if they are not there, well that is that. I requested to speak to the asst. principal. 45 minutes later he called me back and told me he could do nothing because my son waited too long to report it. After some arguing and threatening to inform the West Allis Police Department, the asst. principal said he would do what he could but also stated I was over reacting to the situation!

After school my son called and informed me that HE found the shoes on another students feet. This students locker was right behind his. The other student tried saying he bought the Nike's at Walmart, funny i don't remember EVER seeing Nike's at Walmart! My son was able to note special marks on the shoes and got them back.

After speaking with some other parents, I found this situation to be a common occurence. Also to find that schools don't do much in lines of trying to solve the problem. When I spoke to the asst. principal later in the day, he tried implying that it was my son's fault the shoes had been stolen. The other student claiming that my son left them out during the full class period. That is not like my son with thos shoes, I swear they are his life!  Besides, isn't stealing wrong? 

Now the other students will be receiving some consquences for this situation,however I am legally not allowed to know what that is. How can that be right? My son was a victim to a crime and we have rights to know what is going on with the other student. The situation will be turned over to the police officer that works in the school and he will decide if theft charges should be brought on to the student. Once again, isn't that OUR decision? 

My son was a victim of a theft crime and the school is telling us we have no rights in seeing how the other student gets punished. My belief is nothing will happen to the student and we will never be told what happened to the stealing student. This also makes me wonder how many other theft cases have been dismissed because parents don't fight the schools. I know Central has a huge theft problem and it is reported to the police and is in the police blotter. However, Hale keeps theirs under wrap and few cases are reported to the police, but Hale has a theft problem as well.

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