District wants to raise tax levy 6.6%

Here we are with the school budget at hand. The board is proposing a 6.6% tax levy increase to make up for lose of government funding.

I do not much on how to handle a large budget like that, but I do know how to manage on a smaller scale. I know that if the money is not there for certain things, certain things are not received or given. Has the school district lost site of how that works? I sure wish I could have others pay for my families budget short comes.

Let's look at some of the positions within the district! First, we have two secretaries in the elementary schools. Is there that much work to have a need of two ladies pushing paper work? How about the dean of students in the middle and the high schools? What exactly is the responsibility of the dean of students? I don't recall having one of those in my school years. What about Mrs. Delaney's position, District Administrator Coordinator, is that really needed? How many other positions does the district have that we could do without? 

Then you have schools like Walker that scam kids out of their class graduation money to build a rock wall in the gym, for other classes. Why didn't PTA donate that money to the district for the budget? They didn't let the promoting class use it. Is a rock wall in the gym that will take two years to build a justified purchase? Granted it didn't use money from the district budget(or did it), but it was a not needed purchase. What have other schools added that are not really needed? What about the over head projectors? We paid an increase a few years back in school fees, the "technology fee", to pay for that. What happened to chalk boards? The area tech colleges don't even use those in general classes. The computer classes use them to show how things are done on the computer. 

We are already requiring teachers to purchase their own office supplies and what they don't purchase, parents are requested to bring.  The band budgets have been cut at the high schools, the budgets have been cut for some other electives in the high schools, but Mr. Wachholz is still driving around in his decked out SUV! The district is still making plans to do remodeling of some sort to accommodate the restructuring, that is really not needed either.

It just seems to me that there are places with in the current budget that could be adjusted to avoid the tax levy increase. The district is looking out for the jobs of the adults but at the same time classes are cut out to make funds available to pay these long titled positions.

In the West Allis Now article, http://www.westallisnow.com/news/64856027.html ,Mrs. Deb Rouse states, "The district feels strongly the budget … reflects the needs of the children who live in our district,". Is this really true? Is this truly meeting the needs of the children or the needs of the adults that work in the district? I don't see any of them saying, "Hey I don't need that right now, but the kids do."   As parents we would do this for our children and if the district was truly concerned about the needs of the children in our district, they would find other ways to make up this lose.

I teach my kids, if the money isn't there we don't get the fun things in life. Right now the district doesn't have the funds to funds lots of the positions and items that they have purchased.

A sad fact too on how our school district is run, our school district doesn't take "an advisory vote from residents" on the budget proposal. Because of that, only one resident showed up to stand up against the proposal. 

It is time for the school district to look at the community and say, "Hey we are ALL in a tough spot right now. Don't worry, we won't ask for more right now." I don't think that will ever happen! We do ,as a community, need to let the board know this is not ok with us!


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