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If you read my entry from earlier this week, and ended up adopting a greyhound, send me a photo and I'll feature it in a blog entry... An update on that entry, Snopes indicates that unadopted dogs will not be abandoned or euthanized, but I'll wait to see what is happening on January 7.... Speaking (one last time) of the end of greyhound racing in Wisconsin, the sport lasted 20 years here, and there are no other dog tracks near here.  If you've enjoyed greyhound racing over the last 20 years, treat yourself to one more go-round... The Wave tries for their first home win this season (and to bring their record to 2-2) when Phildelphia comes to town Saturday at 6:00 PM.  Former Waver Don D'Ambra is the KiXX coach, and a quarter of their roster are former Wavers (Anthony Maher, Joe DiBuono, Richardinho and Angel Rivillo - also a former Milwaukee Rampager)(Side note; that linked video for Rivillo was awarded as the Fox Soccer Channel A-League Goal of the Year in 2002)... After the game, Genesis Rewired performs.  Genesis Rewired is just like Genesis, but Phil Collins has been replaced by a sound alike Martin Levac.  It worked for Journey and Alice in Chains... Gettin' our Christmas tree this weekend... Watched the evening news (aka the Bleeding Heart or Scare People Needlessly Entertainment Program) lately?  Me neither... Love the MLB network, especially their "All Time Games", which is their way of saying "We have no current baseball, so watch this 30 year old game and pine for the days without advertising all over the stadium walls and dugouts, and when pitchers and batters swung free and easy (versus overly mechanically like current players)"... Haven't played craps since getting back from Vegas a month ago.  I've heard that Potowatomi hasn't removed those extra 7s from the dice, yet... Jinxing myself here, but if I win my Fantasy Football League game this weekend, I make the playoffs for the first time in years... How 'bout them Packers?... In the last month, the Pittsburgh Steelers have lost to Kansas City, Oakland and Cleveland.  Anyone else thing they're going to paste the Packers by about 31 points on 12-20?... Only have two Christmas gifts to buy, and to date I haven't stepped foot in a brick and mortar store... Speaking of going to shopping malls, how 1980s... Not to sound self-serving, but I did a hell of a job snow blowing ice on Wednesday after work.  Then as I was halfway through, a guy driving a plow drove through the neighborhood and finished my job for $20.  That's service!... My most recent concert experience was Alice in Chains at the Eagles Club in September.  I am going to see Barry Manilow in Chicago on Thursday.  Can't say I'm not well rounded, but keep the jug band stuff away from me... Sucks to have a buddy that's younger than me with cancer.  He's back in the hospital for round three of chemo. They say its treatable, and he'd better be in Reno on May 19th to bowl the USBC Nationals with us... Speaking of which, if you are one of the 17 people that read my blog, and are a bowler, and have a high average, and aren't already locked in with a team for Nationals, and are interested in being seen with me, let me know because I need two more bowlers this year... Reno also had a foot of snow this week, and Las Vegas had temps dip below freezing.  I guess winter is here.  Does this mean global warming is real or is a farce?... I'm hosting 19 people for Christmas this year.  Do you think the addition on my living room (which I haven't started yet can be complete in a week?)... Remind me to blog about good versus horrible Christmas songs.  I could just link to where I mentioned about them two years ago, but what would be the fun in that?

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