Sunday night special

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Three things tonight (in reverse chronological order)...

1)  Did you see the Dexter season finale tonight?  HOLY SHNIKES!  (Spoiler alert) It turns out I have TWO shirts almost exactly like John Lithgow's Trinity Killer!!  No way!  My-Sugar-Na is now worried.  (And you thought I was going to give something away.  O Yea of little faith.)

2)  It is likely I will be on the outside looking in our Fantasy Football League playoffs - even though I have the best record (at 7-6-1) than I've had in years.  My only hope is that San Francisco's Frank Gore scores about a dozen more points than Michael Crabtree.  See, I don't have either of those players, but if my brother, Mr. Uncie, loses, then I sneak past him and he has a small lead and Crabtree.  Unless he offers to split his playoff money with me, I am cheering like hell for Gore to have a HUGE night.

3)  Went to visit my buddy in the hospital during the Packers game and picked up a couple of dozen wings from Magoo's on 89th & National.  In short, they were fantastic.  They were very large wings that had been grilled at some point.  The BBQ wings were dripping with a smokey sauce, and the ToughGguy wings had a drier sauce (more of a paste) that had my eyes watering and nose running for an hour after eating them.  Mega props to this site, which I found on accident when looking for something else.  Best of all, 30 of these huge wings were only $17.  That's a lot of eating for not too much money.  And its chicken.  It must be good for you.

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