2010's First Snowstorm of Doom - done (Sponsor's Name Here) style

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State Fair and vacations aren't the only things that I can bore you with in minute-by-minute detail.  It is 10:00 AM right now and I am already tired of hearing about the snow.  Why you people (and by you people, I mean you people that watch the newscasts constantly during bad weather, further cementing the fact that it will be even more over the top for the next bad weather event) feed into this is beyond me.

But, in the spirit of "Give the people what they want", I will update this blog entry at regular intervals while the storm progresses.  I will update it from BOTTOM to TOP, so the current update will always be visible.  Enjoy!

Tuesday 2-9 @ 9:30 PM - It is still snowing.  Just thought you'd be interested.  I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it lately.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 6:30 PM - Although plowing through the driveway was a challenge (I took the very unmanly step of giving up on trying to back into the driveway for the sissified pull in) I took heart in the fact that my good friend Pinhead would come with his plow and clear out the driveway.  He didn't quite do as good of a job as he could have, but in fairness to him he had a lot of paying customers to attend to, and hell, I wasn't going to be clearing the rest of the snow anyway.  Ah yes, it is great to have teenagers working for living with you.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 5:45 PM - After leaving work at about 5:00ish (and finding all of that snow that wasn't on the car was actually in found in drifts on both sides) I had taken for granted that it would take a better part of an hour to make the 13 mile trip from Franklin which usually takes me 22 minutes.  The roads were in pretty good shape along WI-100 from 60th & Ryan all the way to the I-43 on-ramp at Grange and I was amazed at the good time I had made.  "Beware of the freeway", I said to myself.  The electronic overhead sign said "17 minutes to downtown", so I figured there would be some delays.  Not so.  I wondered where the traffic went.  But I wasn't about to argue, either, so in the end I was thrilled with a ride home - in the middle of a blizzard - that took all of 8 minutes longer than normal.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 3:45 PM - I used my advanced weather reporting station (the big piece of glass in the conference room that some in the industry call a window) and it looks to be still snowing.  I haven't been lucky enough to watch any TV or listen to the radio, but I can imagine how over-the-top the snow coverage has been.  So imagine my reservation when I went to the Touchy TV station and clicked to watch Brain Gotter's 2:00 PM weather report.  You know what?  He played it straight-up... "Here's what has happened, here's what is happening now, and here's what will happen".  No over-inflected dire warnings, no furrowed brow, no one-liners or malapropisms, just the weather report.  Unfortunately, this means he will be fired soon, as there is no place in Wisconsin for straight-up weather reporting.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 11:45 AM - Took a coffee break with my boss, and watched it snow for awhile.  I've been to work for 3-1/2 hours, and my car is NOT covered in snow.  The flakes are big and puffy... actually looks quite pretty.  I was able to provide this report without actually going outside.  See, we have these big things called windows, which allows me to see what's going on without actually getting wet or cold.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 9:00AM - I take a quick second to check the headlines on jsonline and I see a bunch of standard-issue (may as well be stock photos) of people cleaning off their cars, walking the dog, etc.  I page-down and see that there is video linked... Tom Murray in Waukesha, Melissa McCrady in Wauwatosa and Diane Pathieu in Grafton.  [REACT - Besides the fact that I had wasted my mental energy on this four hours earlier before I ever saw this, humor me for a second... isn't it the same storm in all three of those locations?  So why three reporters on three remotes with three camera trucks?  Huh?  Splain it, please.  So it is OK for St. Aubin to worry about the safety of the children, but not OK for the Touchy TV news director to worry about his employees safety.  And, oh yeah, I did check, and it is the same storm that is in all three locations.]

Tuesday 2-9 @ 8:10 AM - I get to work 10 minutes late.  But a least I am here, right boss?

Tuesday 2-9 @ 7:30 AM - I leave to go to work.  My car stayed dry in the garage (take that, insurance guy who says that my garage needs a new roof!).  Traffic is fine until just after the off-ramp (natch) for Beloit Rd., where it stops dead.  I am getting off at WI-100, so I can stay in the right lane and avoid the mess that appears to be on I-894 eastbound.

Tuesday 2-9 @ 4:40 AM - My body tells me to get rid of some of the excess Coca-Cola from bingo, and in doing so my mind is tuned in to dozens of reporters, cameramen and producers in the city getting all gooey about the prospects of live remotes WHILE IT IS SNOWING. [REACT - Because Lord knows that looking at some cutesy reporter wearing a hat, scarves, oversized TV-station hooded jacket and gloves while standing on a freeway overpass is the only way that us viewers can believe that it really is snowing outside.  And I don't even have the TV on and I'm managing to angry up the blood.  I do manage to fall back to sleep, somehow.]

Monday 2-8 @ 9:10 PM - My-Sugar-Na goes to bed, the TV changes to an old Pro Bowlers Tour rerun on ESPN Classic.  And it's a good one.  The 1994 PBA National Championship.  Johnny Petraglia bowls a 300 game, then gets defeated by Cedarburg's Dale Traber, then in the final match Dale faces his younger brother Dave for the title.  16 years later, Dave still beats his big brother.  Note also that 9:10 PM is the last I consider weather for the night.

Monday 2-8 @ 9:05 PM - My-Sugar-Na (as addicted to watching storm coverage as you) has on my Friends on Channel 6, and someone is interviewing MPS mouthpiece Roseann St. Aubin (who used to be a Friend, too, by the way, and she still gets as much camera time from December to March as she used to).  St. Aubin is terribly concerned about what to do about school, as her priority has to be about getting the children too and from school safely.  [REACT - Her first priority is making sure the kids learn, followed with getting them learned without hiring child molesters and flushing money down the toilet.  So tell me, Ms. St. Aubin, how many children have been hurt walking or taking a bus to or from school while it is snowing?  She knows full well that it rarely - if ever - happens, and that accidents happen in perfect weather, too.  No.  Don't buy into her crap.  She is a trained schmaltzy journalist that knows the words "safe" and "children" are heart tuggers, and by using those words she has subliminally convinced you that she really has your kid's best interest in hand.  Horse hockey.  She is all about (a) face time and (b) putting a good spin on the teacher's union demanding that school be closed.]

Monday 2-8 @ 8:35 PM - Mercy has apparently been granted, and I have parked my car in the garage, all safe and sound.  Whew!

Monday 2-8 @ 8:30 PM - I am driving home from bingo and the first signs of precip are visible in the headlights.  My God have mercy on my soul and allow me to get home in one piece.

Monday 2-8 @ 7:50 PM - (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter and I are in the Knights of Columbus hall playing bingo when the first of two sessions is about to end.  The number caller says that there will be a 15 minute break between sessions, and almost in unison the players ask for a 10 minute break, so as to have a chance to beat the impending storm.  [REACT - I want to know if five minutes in the first hour of the storm really, really, REALLY makes a difference.  Of course it doesn't, but the media has trained Wisconsinites to be afraid of snow (you know snow, the naturally occurring event that happens every winter for the last 40 to 100,000,000 years).]

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