Remember when things cost what they said they would cost?

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(Side note; this is one of those rant-y blog posts.)

So Monday night, I am surfing the internet and I come across a post on Al Bethke's blog that indicates that the Brewers were offering select tickets to the April 6 and April 7 games for $3.17 per ticket (for 3-17, get it?)  My-Sugar-Na and I decide that we can get to the Tuesday night game, so since this on-line only and set to began at 7:00 CDT, I looked forward to jumping on-line bright and early.

I got up early, and logged in to check the various seat locations (Field level outfield, Loge level infield and outfield and Club outfield were all available).  After a little searching to see what seats were available in which section, I settled on Club outfield section 343, Row 2.  Happy with my location, I go to check out.

The first note says that there is a $1.50 per ticket handling charge.  I kinda figured there would be (but then again, I was hoping there wouldn't be, as $4.67 is not $3.17, is it?)  I continue with my purchase, enter my credit card info and get to the last page in the process... delivery options for the tickets.  Note that to this point, I have only authorized about $9.00.

Here's where the rant comes in.  There was NO option to receive the tickets that would not cost additional money.  I could print at home for $2, have them mailed for $4, or (get this) pick them up at will call for $4.  I took the option to print at home, but now I am steamed.  My $3.17 ticket has now cost me $5.67.

It isn't about the money... under $6 for a Club level seat is a steal.  But why can't they just price it what it is?  Other than maybe a few pennies, all of it is going to the Brewers, so they should just say that.  I mean, it cost me $5.67 to get into the game, so why didn't they just market it at that price.  I know this is 21st Century America (everything's for sale, hence the blog title).  But just tell me what the price is upfront so I can make that decision.

I ended up with three costs that all went to the same group... the ticket itself, the place I bought the ticket, and the actual acquisition of the tickets.  Stupid.

Incredibly stupid that someone would think "Hey, let's charge someone for actually receiving the tickets they already purchased".

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