Tragedy and the Yin-Yang

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(I know, I know, I know... I had those stupid prom pictures up for weeks.  But life is just getting in the way again.  I've got this brilliant piece half-completed - the good thing is that it will never be "dated" - and it will be worth the wait.  But with my trip to bowl Nationals in Reno next week and Mitten's graduation the week after that... sheesh, the treadmill never stops.  Here are a couple of nuggets to hold you over.)

One of my favorite shows, Law & Order, appears to be cancelled.  Damn.

On the other hand, a new favorite show, Treme, has been picked-up for a second season.  Simply put, Treme is a neighborhood in New Orleans (where jazz was purportedly created), and the show is about how the neighborhood residents - mainly musicians - deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The fourth episode was set at Christmas 2005, and with each succeeding episode it is appearing that nothing is improving.  My-Sugar-Na is not a fan, but I can't get enough.  The ensemble cast is a little large, meaning it took a few weeks to get every character's arc started, but now I am hooked.  And the music... don't watch this on Sunday night, as I tend to go to bed humming the intoxicating theme song.

On the other other hand, Survivor cut some guy last night and has the crew culled down to who will appear in the season finale (or is it finally?) on Sunday.  This is a double win-lose-win-lose.  My-Sugar-Na is sad to see the season end, but happy that it will continue.  I am happy to see the season end, and sad that it will continue.  Yin-Yang... all with one episode!

Really... I'll try to post something more before I leave Tuesday.

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