If you can't stand the heat, go to Hell's Kitchen?

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That's right, folks.  The easy wilting duo of me and My-Sugar-Na leave bright and early on Sunday morning, July 4th for three days of 95 degree fun in New York City, including time in Hell's Kitchen.

"But what brought you to this lowly fate?" you may ask.

As alluded to on previous blog entries, my beautiful bride did not accompany me on my recent trip to Reno for the USBC Nationals.  That had been decided months ago, so I surprised her on Valentine's Day with this trip to New York.  As with many vacation destinations, the first time you leave to come back, you think about all the stuff you had wanted to do, but were unable to.  Knowing how much fun My-Sugar-Na had on this trip, the destination for three days as empty nesters was a no-brainer.

Did you think I was kidding (above) when I said it would be 95 in New York for the next few days?

New York, NY Weather Forecast


A number of my friends and family members have asked how I can afford another vacation only six weeks after returning from Reno.  Well, it's not anybody's business.  However, my ego is happy to discuss how - with prior planning, diligence and more diligence - a few bucks can be saved at each turn.

First, I found a coupon code on this site for a Little Debbie/Air Tran promotion.  By signing up for a contest (which I didn't win) I got a coupon code for $10 any flight.  My-Sugar-Na and I entered the contest separately and then we each bought a one way ticket (taxes included) for $74.  The return flight will be on Midwest (or Frontier, whoever they are by Tuesday) for $82, meaning the round trip cost was a total of less than $160.

Finding a hotel was tougher, if for no other reason than there are oodles of hotels in the Times Square area (her general choice to plant ourselves).  First we had reserved The Moderne, which is a little north of desired, but was at a decent rate.  But My-Sugar-Na kept looking and found the Hotel Thirty Thirty, which is a little bit east and south, but still reasonably close to the action.  We made the reservation there, and in just searching the other day (that's the diligence part) saw that the rooms were down to $99 a night.  So to stay a half mile from Times Square will cost us a total of $235.

For transportation, we will become experts in Manhattan's mass transit system.  An all day pass is about $8, so for three days for each of us it will cost us $50.... about the same as parking a car for a day in Manhattan.

The to-do list includes a freebie (Belvedere Castle in Central Park) before heading down to Pier 83 to catch the Circle Lines cruise to watch the Macy's Fireworks on the Hudson River.  Monday morning will find us with tours of NBC Studios and Rockefeller Center, a walking tour of the Financial District, as well as dinner at a famous Brooklyn eatery.  On Tuesday we will take a motor coach tour of movie and TV sites before getting over to Tonic (while wearing orange, of course as they are the adopted bar and restaurant of New York's Dutch population) to watch The Netherlands take on Uruguay in one of the World Cup semifinal games.  From there it will be back to the airport.

Although I promise NOT to eat my way through New York, I can't wait to have three squares a day at Gray's Papaya.  Of course the wife has said we can eat at restaurants featured on TV, like Pop Burger, Murray's Bagels and Petite Abeille.  

That is if we feel like eating as we ourselves will be pretty well basted for three days.

95 each day.  Ugh.

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