Get up, get up and get out of here... GONE!

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The United States Bowling Congress made official today what I had predicted weeks ago... they are moving to the Dallas-area by the end of 2008.

  • 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • The income taxes and potential spending of those 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • Prestige as the Bowling Capital?  Gone.
  • The Milwaukee 7's credibility?  Gone

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Did you see me in West Allis NOW?

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I've been told that my grill/FD story made the paper this morning - I'll have to buy a paper now...  Unfortunately, my buddy trumped me... It'll be BO vs. Mc in November, I'm sure I'll pull it together and vote for the RIGHT guy...  It's cold outside...  The lunar eclipse was cool...  Watched the remake of Hairspray; very interesting...  Jesse Martin is leaving Law & Order...  Taking my first trip to New York City in May...  Family didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning overnight...  I love my job...  I should lose weight...  I miss bowling...  I'm worried about the ice dams on my roof all winter...  American Idol is dopey...  I could spend hours looking at this website...  Trying to get over the fact that Milwaukee lost the USBC Masters...  The cost of every metal I purchase for work is skyrocketing right now...  My birthday is on Holy Saturday this year, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday... My car needs a good cleaning on the inside...  Planning on going to Wrigley Field on April 2 or 3 to watch the Brewers/Cubs game...  Our office is buying pizza for lunch tomorrow, I get to pick the sausage off...  I felt it was a good set of comments on my Obama post, aren't you glad West Allis can talk to each other without it breaking down into this or this?

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The heartbreak of Golfer's Elbow

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Last week Friday (January 11th), I had surgery on my right elbow.  The first time I had a twinge in my elbow was in Januray 2005.  At that time, I had bowled three nights a week for a few years, but I was only bowling one night a week for the beginning of that seaon.  I was asked to bowl in a new league for the second half of that season, and on the very first night on this new team I felt a twinge in my elbow.  Not that it really hurt, because that same week I bowled a career-high 847 series at Bluemound Bowl (which included two 300 games).

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Various tidbits that aren't long enough to merit their own entry

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1.  My-Sugar-Na and I stopped by Tommasino Italia' for dinner last night.  The restaurant on 74th & Greenfield (formerly the beloved Doyle's Milwaukee Inn) is owned by Thomas Doyle.  During dinner (fantastic pizza, by the way, with fresh giardinara and parmesan on the side), I spoke with Mr. Doyle.  He stated two very interesting and believable things. 

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Who IS Michael James?

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Maybe a check into some of the lists (lower right of this page, but conveniently linked in this post) would give us an idea...

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OK, one more bowling post. But this one is good. I promise


Who says that I don't have a bleeding heart once in a while?  (I just don't want my politicians to have one.)

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Final wrap-up of the 2007 USBC Masters

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Life got in the way of my posting this sooner, but I was at Miller Park for the finals.  By now, you must know that Sean Rash threw a 269 game (beating Steve Jaros' 245 game) to win the $100,000.  But here are some of my comments about the finals, and about the ESPN telecast...

  • A very disappointing turnout of 2,712 attended the finals.  While that is higher than the attendance at the previous two Masters finals (in 2005 at the US Cellular Arena and in 2006 at the State Fair Expo Center), it is much lower than the 4,303 that attended at Miller Park in 2004, and about one-third of the record 7,212 for a tournament in Detroit.  The USBC rented out Miller Park in an effort to break the record, and such a poor attendance will likely cause the entire Masters tournament to be moved to a different city.  If the tournament is moved out of Milwaukee, it would be the third time that Milwaukee would lose a pro tour stop.  It is a good thing that the pros bowl twice this season in the Chicago area.
  • As for the bowling itself, the scores were too high for the finals of a major event.  The USBC, the PBA and ESPN all get caught between a rock and a hard place.  If scores are too low, then the common bowler will say "those guys aren't that good... even I can shoot 180".  If the scores are too high, then the higher-average player can say "it's too bad that shotmaking wasn't at a premium".  On Sunday, Steve Jaros bowled an 814 series (a 271 average) and LOST.  I can get into lots and lots of technical reasons as to why the scores were too high, but this isn't the forum (this is).  Suffice to say that for a $100K prize and bowling in a major tournament should offer a challange, and that challenge wasn't there.
  • The professional bowlers are the greatest bowlers in the world.  Don't ever forget that.  I can brag about my 225 average, or my league record 847 series in the Bluemound Bowl Bob Kodel Major League, etc., etc., but in watching the pros this week, I felt very insignificant.  In the finals on Sunday, Jaros changed balls in the middle of an 814 series!  To a higher-average player, that is unheard of.  If I shoot 279 then 290 and I lose my carry, the last thing in my mind is that I need a different ball.  But Jaros made the change and struck on every ball (until he was mathematically eliminated).
  • I did have a hard time coughing up the $8 for parking.  I understand that the USBC and PBA are just renting the facility, and that the Masters is a major tournament, but I felt that I was gouged by Miller Park and the county.
  • Soon after I got home from the finals (and got back from Walgreens with a second lot of trick-or-treat candy) I watched ESPN's broadcast.  New to the announcing booth is Rob Stone, whom I've enjoyed while watching MLS games on ESPN.  He seemed to do an OK job for his first live event.  However, he did play upon the "I'm new to this and learning" angle.  Hopefully that will ease up and he will do a decent job.
  • I was disappointed in some of ESPN's camera angles.  I understand that it wasn't ESPN's job to fill Miller Park, but just about every camera angle that was not an intentional crowd shot showed about 10,000 empty seats.  The crowd was basically in three sections on both the first and second levels.  But their establishing shot was from a stationary camera in the press box behind home plate.  From that angle, there seemed like there were no fans at all.  Same with when they showed a snippet from the sausage race.  The hand-held camera caught the sausages from home plate past first base to the finish... all shot with empty seats in the background.
  • And about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's disasterous coverage... this could be (and probably should be) a post unto itself.  Early last week, I said that we'd be lucky to get puff pieces on the three previous champions (we didn't).  We barely got any real tournament info... it was like I was reading the TV Guide review of any new show.  Cursory data, a few generic quotes, and no photos.  Overall, a horrid job.  It was like Gary D'Amato was given a press pass and felt compelled to write something (while not worrying about exactly what he was writing about).  I am realistic.  I didn't expect six days of large-type, above the fold headlines.  But good grief, would a photo or two each day somewhere in the paper have been too much to ask?  Bowling has four major tournaments, and this one paid the second most and was held here!  Say what you want about the bowling vs. golf, but this tournament is the equivalent to golf's Masters.  Coverage was completely unbecoming the status that the bowling community reveres the Masters.  I would have just as soon the MJS wrote a story that said "we feel bowling is dying and isn't worth our time, effort, or real estate in the paper.  If there is a next year for the Masters in Milwaukee, I will ask editor Mark Maley to secure a press pass for me, and I (a non-journalist) will volunteer to write three stories per day:  One will be a technical review of the parts of the lane and the equipment that was successful, one will be geared for the non-bowler, and one will be geared towards other stuff going on... like size of the crowd, or matches between players of interest.  Maley can put them on WauwatosaNOW (because AMF Bowlero is in Wauwatosa) for all I care.  But the only newspaper in town really shouldn't have mailed it in this past week.

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USBC Masters Finals field is set; BowlFest at Miller Park tonight

Bowling, Miller Park, PBA Tour, They Came to Bowl, USBC Masters

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32 bowlers remain in the hunt for the Masters $100,000 first place prize

Bowling, PBA Tour, USBC Masters

Half of the 64 bowlers that started match play at 4:30 were dismissed by 9:30 PM.

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The Masters field is now down to 64 for match play

Bowling, Miller Park, PBA Tour, USBC Masters

488 bowlers have now become 64, and match play begins at 4:30 CDT. 

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Wrap-up of Wednesday's Masters qualifying

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I apologize for not posting an update after the second block on Wednesday.  Our internet server at work went down.  I then had dinner plans, and when I got home I was informed by My-Sugar-Na that we were part of Time Warner's service outage.  Not only was there no internet, but there was this little matter of the World Series going on.  Service hadn't been restored at home before I went to bed, but it is all better now at work, so let's see if I can sneak in a full post (and still keep my job).

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Wrap-up of Tuesday's Masters qualifying

Bluemound Bowl, Bowling, Miller Park, PBA Tour, They Came to Bowl, USBC Masters

First, the list of notable names in the top 122 (which will be the cut line after today's five-game blocks)...

  • 1st - Derek Eoff from Greenfield.  250.4 average
  • 3rd - Tommy Jones (PBA superstar that bowled in the 2006 finals at the State Fair Expo Center).  241.6 average
  • 16th - Lennie Boresch, Jr. from Kenosha.  230.4 average
  • 20th - Tim Janz from Beaver Dam.  225.8 average
  • 21st - Ralph Hibbard, Jr. from Mukwonago.  225.6 average
  • 22nd - Ben Hoefs from West Bend (who recently drilled a new ball for me).  225.4 average
  • 26th - Chad Kloss from Greenfield (and league teammate).  224.6 average
  • 32nd - Matt Stock from Omro.  222 average
  • 38th - Jack Jurek (PBA player that bowled in the 2006 finals at the State Fair Expo Center).  220.8 average
  • 41st - Ross Strand from Green Bay.  219.4 average
  • 45th - Joe Crocco from Racine.  218.8 average
  • 48th - Nick Plouff from Tomahawk.  218.4 average
  • 49th - Tish Johnson (former PWBA superstar and highest female qualifier).   218 average
  • 50th - Danny Wiseman (Masters champion from the 2004 finals at Miller Park).  217.6 average
  • 81st - George Lambert IV (amateur that bowled in the 2006 finals at the State Fair Expo Center).  211.4 average
  • 102nd - Todd Droulliard from Milwaukee (a legend in my Friday night league at Bluemound Bowl).  208.8 average
  • 108th - Jace Peterson from Elkhorn.  207.8 average
  • 111th - Mike Neau from Kenosha.  207.6 average
  • 114th - Chad Mass from Brookfield.  207.4 average
  • 119th - Joe Alivo from Milwaukee.  206.8 average

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Tuesday PM update from the USBC Masters

Bowling, PBA Tour, USBC Masters

We've reached the quarter pole... half of the bowlers have bowled half of their games.  The lanes must have opened up after the first block, as many top scorers in the first block slid way down the list.  Notable names in the Top 100 include...

  • 1st place - Tom Baker (PBA veteran of over 20 years).  238.2 average
  • 5th place - Chris Warren has slid from 1st after the first block.  235 average
  • 8th place - Lennie Boresch, Jr. from Kenosha has slid from 2nd after the first block.  230.4 average
  • 11th place - Tim Janz from Beaver Dam has slid from 3rd after the first block.  225.8 average
  • 12th place - Ralph Hibbard, Jr. from Mukwonago (with whom I have known for 20 years).  225.6 average
  • 20th place - Jack Jurek (made the Finals last season at the State Fair Expo).  220.8 average
  • 23rd place - Ross Strand from Green Bay (who bowled for a couple of seasons at Bluemound Bowl).  219.4 average
  • 47th place - Del Ballard, Jr. (longtime PBA vet and husband of 51st place).  210.6 average
  • 51st place - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (wife of 47th place).  209.8 average
  • 61st place - Mike Neau from Kenosha.  207.6 average
  • 91st place - Patrick Allen has slid from 38th place after the first block.  201.2 average
  • 92nd place - Jeff Taylor from Madison.  201 average
  • 95th place - Dave Traber (longtime PBA vet, formerly from Cedarburg).  200.2 average
  • 98th place - Nicholas Heilman from La Crosse.  199.8 average

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Tuesday AM update from the USBC Masters

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Everybody makes a big deal about how the USBC Masters finals will be held at Miller Park on Sunday.  But only four bowlers will be there for the finals.  What happens to the rest of the bowlers?

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You've seen my face, now look at the back of my head

Bowling, Miller Park, PBA Tour, Riviera Lanes, USBC Masters

With the United States Bowling Congress Masters competition beginning on Tuesday at AMF Bowlero (culminating with the finals in the infield at Miller Park), the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story about Chad Kloss from the Milwaukee area.  Chad earned an exemption onto the Professional Bowlers Association tour this season, and the USBC Masters is the first stop of the Tour this season.

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I feel like Oprah!

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(Side note:  But I think I look better than she does!)

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