This week at the movies

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Is the third time the charm?

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The Star-Spangled Banner is still NOT a love song

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Insomniac theater

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This is why baseball is the best sport

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Day 10 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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What's next? A Woman Cave?

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2nd quarter Lightning Round

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I am not going to Opening Day for the first time since 2004, been to 16 overall since 1985... Predictions are impossible this year.  Gallardo = 2008 Sheets, Parra = 2007 Gallardo.  The key is if there is the opportunity to get an ace before July... I had a 300 game at Riviera Lanes a few weeks ago, it was my 16th... Leaving for Vegas in two weeks to bowl the USBC Open Championships, aka Nationals... The bar has been set, and it won't be topped this year... Wisconsin bowlers tend to do well at Nationals... Not gonna eat my way through Las Vegas... Don't think I can eat steak for three meals a day for six daysTry me... Copper prices are going up, is the recession almost over?  Oil is going up, so it just may be... Maybe not for the captain, but the first thing I thought of when I read this was "Cool"... Still looking for bloggers in West Allis to write about issues... But don't look at me, I've got more important things to write about... Metallica is in the middle of a month-long marathon on XM42, it goes through Monday... (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Offical Son, Mitten, was the starting pitcher for his Rufus King High School JV team on April 8th.  He and another pitcher combined to no-hit Bay View High School 17-4 (side note; 17-4 and a no-hitter?  Yeah, it was JV)... Mitten's fastball was clocked as Thursday... It can't be that hard is it to make sure your van is empty first... Or to put your baby in a crib... Or keep your beer truck on its tires... Way cool... So is this... And this... My-Sugar-Na thinks I have too many blog links... Blame Mark the Editor, he showed me how... My-Sugar-Na's new shoes give her blisters... Hey, bbear, quarter craps (but only 10x odds kinda stink)... The Milwaukee Wave managed a 10-10 record with a bunch of guys you've never heard of.  Next year should be much better if they can retain their stars... In one of the other indoor soccer leagues, the PASL-Pro, the Stockton Cougars won the championship, were sold, then fired their head coach... In the third indoor soccer league, the Baltimore Blast will face the Rockford Rampage in Baltimore this weekend for the NISL title... Happy Easter, y'alls!

Why aren't more people upset about the USA performance in the World Baseball Classic?

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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is an international baseball tournament that - though first held in 2006 - will be held every fourth year.  In both 2006 and 2009, 16 teams from North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa participated.

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I'm still for sale

Milwaukee Brewers, MLB

I might have a line on a ticket for myself for tonight's Brewers/Cubs game at Wrigley.

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So this is what it's like

Milwaukee Brewers, MLB

Including Wednesday night's debacle, I went to five Brewers games in April, and they were 1-4 in those five games (including the only two games that the Brewers lost at Wrigley this season).

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Sponsorships getting out of control?

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I joined my first Fantasy Football League in 1993 (while I was working at the now-evil USBC, then called the American Bowling Congress).  One guy in the league had a wife who owned a business, and his team was named for his wife's business.  Seeing that, when asked what name I wanted, I said that I didn't have a corporate sponsor, yet, so I would take (Sponsor's Name Here).  Nobody much got it then.

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Read the following article and comment

Free market, MLB

I will hold my comments to a later post.  I am curious what y'alls think of this (from the Cape Cod Times).

Major League Baseball plays hardball with Cape League

var isoPubDate = 'March 07, 2008'

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