Putting the X back in the church

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(Side note - I added this first line after I typed the first four paragraphs and realized that I've diverted way off-topic.  But bear with it, I'll get there eventually.)
One of my favorite aunts will likely pass today.  Although (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Parents, as well as My-Sugar-Na, are taking this kind of hard, she is 81 and not-so-gradually over the last 10 years or so became less of the aunt I'd become fond of.  She became cranky and depressed, and she always had some physial ailment to prattle on about.  Over the past few years, I've been mourning the loss of that person.  Now as she prepares to enter God's Kingdom, I am more concerned for her five children and their immediate families as they prepare to bury both parents over the course of 14 months (my Uncle Vince had a massive heart attack right around Christmas 2006, and the day he died, I am sure my aunt died, too.  The Lord, however, wasn't quite ready for her until now).
The Auntie El that I remember was the type of person that - when she walked into a room - she held court.  Not in a stand-up comedian kind of way, but she just had that presence and that way to tell a story.  She would be going on about something, and she would get to a detail that she couldn't quite remember.  She would say "Jay (her nickname for my uncle), do you remember why my peach caftan - you know, the one with the yellow blossoms - got caught in the toaster oven?"  He would reply "It was because you were sweeping the kitchen floor."  She then would say with disdain "It was not!"  Then he would smile, shake his head, then join us in listening to the rest of her story.  Auntie El was also the one that introduced me to the fun of Latin Mass (when it was held in the chapel at the semniary)
My Uncle Vince had one of those government jobs that people look at and say "He got paid how much?  To do THAT?".  Then he retired quite young.  My aunt had mostly been a stay-at-home mom (because that is how it worked in the 50s through early-70s).  However, I do remember that she took a job waiting tables at the University Club... probably as much to get out of the house and socialize as anything.  Picture Rosiland Russell as Auntie Mame with Uncle Vince playing the part of Patrick Dennis (granted, my aunt looked more like Lucille Ball, but I've seen both versions of Mame and Rosiland Russell pulls off Auntie El far better than Lucille Ball).  Remember the scene soon after the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Mame was a clerk in a department store?  I could easily picture that as my aunt at the Club.  Mame had only been taught how to process COD orders, and walked the floor trying to get the customers to order COD.  I can see my aunt, having only been shown how to refill coffee, walking around the dining room with coffee pots chanting "Coffee!  I can refill your coffee" ("Ma'am, I would like another gin and tonic."  "Sorry, sir, I can only refill coffee!" she would say, gleaming.)
Another comparison to Auntie Mame is the scene near the end of the movie where Auntie Mame has this new platform furniture, and she is trying to impress company by raising the platforms with the cords that were located across the room as sort of a control panel.  The scene ended in pure hilarity as the cords got messed up, and some guests were raised to the ceiling and others spilled their drinks as the platforms went off-kilter.  A few years ago, she got a new walker with a seat attachment.  She then demonstrated all of its features (at one point, I expected her to put a few drops in the laundry to get my clothes the whitest).
While laying in bed this morning thinking about my aunt's last few days, I wondered if - as a devout Catholic - she had received her Anointing of the Sick (the current way of calling them the Last Rites).  I assumed that she did, and wondered if her parish priest, Fr. Lou Ferrigno (well, he really did look like him) administered them, or if another hospital priest took care of that sacrament. 
And then it hit me like a flash of lightning.  Jesus Christ himself probably said "Its about time somebody thought of this!" 
Way back (like, in the 50s) the sacrament was known as Extreme Unction.  What a way to get the younger kids back into the church... something EXTREME.  The church could call it X-UNCT.  Kids would be down with that, wouldn't they?
Granted, the Catholic Church would need a tag line, something like "When your Maker calls, make sure you answer TO THE EXTREME!  Call your priest and get down with the X-UNCT!"
I can imagine in a few days, when Auntie El is meeting St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  St. P-Dog (as the young Heaveners call him) has got a voice like Duffman (from The Simpsons) and askes my aunt "X or not?  It takes an X-TREME sacrament to pass through these gates"  My aunt will respond "HEEAAAAAUUUUUGGG, X to the MAX!"
The Gates open, my Uncle Vince is waiting for her and takes her to their Heavenly living room where Jack Benny, Vi & Jerry Loper (family friends) and some guy that once knew the Ricardi's (more family friends) are sitting on the furniture.  Auntie El says "Sorry I am late, but ugh, that St. Peter.  Jay, I don't like how this furniture clashes with the china in the hutch." 
And Heaven begin to learn the joys of Auntie El.

Did you see me in West Allis NOW?

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I've been told that my grill/FD story made the paper this morning - I'll have to buy a paper now...  Unfortunately, my buddy trumped me... It'll be BO vs. Mc in November, I'm sure I'll pull it together and vote for the RIGHT guy...  It's cold outside...  The lunar eclipse was cool...  Watched the remake of Hairspray; very interesting...  Jesse Martin is leaving Law & Order...  Taking my first trip to New York City in May...  Family didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning overnight...  I love my job...  I should lose weight...  I miss bowling...  I'm worried about the ice dams on my roof all winter...  American Idol is dopey...  I could spend hours looking at this website...  Trying to get over the fact that Milwaukee lost the USBC Masters...  The cost of every metal I purchase for work is skyrocketing right now...  My birthday is on Holy Saturday this year, and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Daughter, Gooey, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday... My car needs a good cleaning on the inside...  Planning on going to Wrigley Field on April 2 or 3 to watch the Brewers/Cubs game...  Our office is buying pizza for lunch tomorrow, I get to pick the sausage off...  I felt it was a good set of comments on my Obama post, aren't you glad West Allis can talk to each other without it breaking down into this or this?

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Those were some great steaks!

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So last night for Valentine's Day, My-Sugar-Na suggested that I grill a couple of really nice steaks that she had purchased recently.  Since I can grill with best of them (charcoal, people; gas grills are like outdoor ovens) I decided it would be quite lovely to stand out in a gentle snowfall and fire up the ol' grill.  I grill regularly - even in winter - and most recently grilled on Super Bowl Sunday.

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World Series review

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Yes, I know the Super Bowl (Side note - The MVP selection was a crockDavid Tyree caught one of the two TDs, and made the catch that saved the game for the Giants, and instead a marketing machine was named MVP) was just played yesterday, but on Saturday, I went to Long's Wong and attended a viewing of Game 4 of the 1957 World Series (the "Nippy Jones" game).

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The heartbreak of Golfer's Elbow

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Last week Friday (January 11th), I had surgery on my right elbow.  The first time I had a twinge in my elbow was in Januray 2005.  At that time, I had bowled three nights a week for a few years, but I was only bowling one night a week for the beginning of that seaon.  I was asked to bowl in a new league for the second half of that season, and on the very first night on this new team I felt a twinge in my elbow.  Not that it really hurt, because that same week I bowled a career-high 847 series at Bluemound Bowl (which included two 300 games).

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Various tidbits that aren't long enough to merit their own entry

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1.  My-Sugar-Na and I stopped by Tommasino Italia' for dinner last night.  The restaurant on 74th & Greenfield (formerly the beloved Doyle's Milwaukee Inn) is owned by Thomas Doyle.  During dinner (fantastic pizza, by the way, with fresh giardinara and parmesan on the side), I spoke with Mr. Doyle.  He stated two very interesting and believable things. 

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We still have an indoor soccer team, folks

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The Milwaukee Wave played a game which was broadcast live on Fox Soccer Channel on Friday, December 7th.  Only 2,690 fans thought enough about the Wave to show up.

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Three brushes with greatness in a 42 hour span! A new record

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Thursday evening, My-Sugar-Na and I went to Potowatomi Casino to watch the Packers game in the Northern Lights theater.  We made the mistake of eating at the buffet before saving our seats, and when we got to the theater an hour before game time, all of the seats were either saved or occipied.  My-Sugar-Na and I waited for about thirty minutes until two seats opened up.  In the row directly behind us was Frank Calieno's father.  Unsolicited, he introduced himself to us as "Frank Caliendo's Dad".  I don't actually know his first name.  Clearly, he is proud of his son, and he was quite proud of the fact that the elder Caliendo had just gotten back from California and will be on an episode of Frank TV in the near future.

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Did you notice the lack of an explosion around State Fair on Thanksgiving Day?

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I successfully deep fried my first turkey Thursday... ON MY FIRST TRY!!!!

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Oh, craps

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As much as I would hate to turn away readers, if you don't know much about craps, this entry might be hard to understand.  But please, try to follow along.

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Wrap-up of Wednesday's Masters qualifying

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I apologize for not posting an update after the second block on Wednesday.  Our internet server at work went down.  I then had dinner plans, and when I got home I was informed by My-Sugar-Na that we were part of Time Warner's service outage.  Not only was there no internet, but there was this little matter of the World Series going on.  Service hadn't been restored at home before I went to bed, but it is all better now at work, so let's see if I can sneak in a full post (and still keep my job).

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Do you feel that your children are safer today than they were a month ago?

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For the last few weeks, My-Sugar-Na has been helping children get to school as a West Allis crossing guard. 

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