An era comes to an end

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Mid-2010s Lightning Round

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When will the world be saturated in advertising?

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Day 4 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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Presented by Bowlers Pro Shop.  From bowling balls to advice to Gooey Mittens, you can find it all from Joe Cerar and his staff.

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The Star-Spangled Banner is still NOT a love song

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Way past due lightning round - World Cup edition

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I'm not the only one

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Jody Gerut lost Thursday's game for the Brewers

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Do the Milwaukee Brewers think that their fans are wimps?

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I was at the Brewers game last night, and it was a little breezy walking in from the parking lot, so I went back to the car and got a light jacket.  When I got to my seat on the first base side, I took the jacket off, figuring I may need it later.  (Side note which I have to add but really is out of place in this rant:  The lady that sang the anthems last night pretty much nailed it.  She sang O Canada in French, and hit the Star Spangled Banner pretty well.  Kudos.  Now if I could just remember her name....)
Then they closed the dome.  I was stunned.  Many times last night, I looked at the closed roof in disbelief. 
Have Brewers fans become such sissies that we can't handle baseball on a slightly cool, summer's evening?  I gave Brewers management the benefit of the doubt on some day games in May (when it is 60 in the sun, but probably 45 in the shade).  But having the dome closed last night has shown me the horrifying prospect of the Brewers becoming a dome team first, and only open air when conditions are perfect.
(Rambling here...) During the last few years of County Stadium, at one point during each game, the PA would ask "If we were in Miller Park right now, would you want the dome open or closed?".  I never attended a game where the crowd wanted the dome closed.  I remember being at a game in August 1997 at County Stadium in which they gave all attendees a pin commemorating the Milwaukee Braves 40th anniversary of their World Series win.  It was a Sunday afternoon game that was delayed four hours by rain, and when it started at 5:00 PM it was unseasonably cool and still drizzling.  Certainly this rainy day - after a four hour rain delay - would have been a push for a dome.  Negative.  The crowd wanted the dome open.
Wisconsin fans are hearty (see also Fans; Packers; Green Bay).  Certainly I understand closing the dome during inclement weather, or when it is truly cold.  But I think that the Brewers have crossed that line last night.  It was a line I had been fearing for seven years, and I don't think the line will push back.  I just see it getting worse.
Man up, Milwaukeeans!  Let's let the Brewers know how I feel.  Hopefully, at least one of you (I am looking at you, John from New Berlin) agrees with me.

I caught the Brewers action

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First things first - I really, really, REALLY want to throw my comments in about blogging in the 21st Century... about the Buzzy v. Deadspin guy on Costas Now in April... about Ned Yost, Doug Melvin, Jim Powell and others whining about a blogger who said that Nedley was about to get fired... etc.  Clearly, I am on the side of the bloggers, but I wanted to make some bigger picture points.  I just haven't gotten around to it.  I may get there (then again, I may not, what with Cheer Day happening at Casa de James this weekend).  My ten second take is that the internet has made media instantaneous, and that the world had better get used to it.  Some will get paid, I probably won't (Mark, I am still waiting for you to tell me I've been picked up by the Wall Street Journal), but the absolute worst part of internet blogs is the comment section.  Now, I only get about 18 people (up from six a year ago) who read my blog, but if more did, I would have to deal with some horribly stupid comments.  Want an example of the nutjobs I would have to deal with?  Check out the ravings of some depressing soul on this blog entry (you should've seen what I didn't approve!)

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Various tidbits that aren't long enough to merit their own entry

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1.  My-Sugar-Na and I stopped by Tommasino Italia' for dinner last night.  The restaurant on 74th & Greenfield (formerly the beloved Doyle's Milwaukee Inn) is owned by Thomas Doyle.  During dinner (fantastic pizza, by the way, with fresh giardinara and parmesan on the side), I spoke with Mr. Doyle.  He stated two very interesting and believable things. 

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Do you want to see me with my 42" waist in a Speedo?

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You must be kidding.  There is no way I would try to squeeze myself into a Speedo, much less get a photo taken of such an event, much less post it.

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