Fuel, fuel everywhere, but too expensive to drink

Free market, Local news, New Orleans, Taxes, Television, Vacation, West Allis

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I ran some errands today

Nutjobs, State Fair, Taxes, West Allis

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Day 8 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Free market, My-Sugar-Na, Nostalga, State Fair, Taxes, Television, Weather, West Allis

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I'm breaking my vow to no longer be controversial

Nanny State, Free market, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Reno, Restaurants, Taxes

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Zoo interchange

Nanny State, Bowling, James family, Local news, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nutjobs, One Idiot is Offended, Taxes, West Allis

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Just a column full of rants

Nanny State, Barack Obama, Bowling, Coffee, Fantasy Football, James family, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, Taxes

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Obama-care could have killed My-Sugar-Na

Nanny State, Barack Obama, Free market, My-Sugar-Na, Taxes

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Day 11 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Fox 6, Free market, Local news, My-Sugar-Na, Restaurants, State Fair, Taxes, Vier Pogo Squad 51, West Allis

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Wake up Oak Creek and Franklin - Some "Knowitalls" are going to screw up your businesses

Development, Free market, Nutjobs, Restaurants, Taxes

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Bonus impulse blog!

Nanny State, Taxes, West Allis

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2nd Quarter Lightning Round

Barack Obama, Bowling, Brewers players, Craps, Free market, Gambling, Las Vegas, Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers, PBA Tour, Restaurants, Taxes, Television, Vacation, West Allis

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Save me from myself, Mr. Obama

Barack Obama, Taxes, Nanny State

This is the guy in charge of our Nanny State?  Good Lord, my grandkids'll be paying for this until they die of old age. (Note that [Sponsor's Name Here]'s Official Son, Mitten, looks particularly rough.)

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We tricked, we treated, we laughed, we cried...

2008 Presidential Race, Barack Obama, James family, John McCain, My-Sugar-Na, Nostalga, Taxes, Vier Pogo Squad 51, West Allis

The thousands of you - well, make that the 18 of you that actually read my blog post from last week - may be wondering how the pre-Hallowe'en weekend worked out.  Well, do I have a story for you...

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Of My-Sugar-Na, Trees, and parking for the State Fair

Blogger's Clip Show, My-Sugar-Na, Taxes, Vier Pogo Squad 51, West Allis

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Animals and those creepy alien-type things on Stargate:  Today I am pleased to turn over my humble little blog to my favorite wife, My-Sugar-Na!  Please give her your undivided attention. 

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Get up, get up and get out of here... GONE!

Bowling, Naughty businesses, Taxes

The United States Bowling Congress made official today what I had predicted weeks ago... they are moving to the Dallas-area by the end of 2008.

  • 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • The income taxes and potential spending of those 230 jobs?  Gone.
  • Prestige as the Bowling Capital?  Gone.
  • The Milwaukee 7's credibility?  Gone

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Some of my best stuff is in response to other's blogs

Blogger's Clip Show, Free market, Other blogs, School Board, Taxes, West Allis

In other words, its another Blogger Clip Show.

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Mayoral candidates, where are you?

Development, Taxes, West Allis

Last Thursday, February 7th, I sent this exact same E-mail to all four mayoral candidates...

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Various tidbits that aren't long enough to merit their own entry

Bowling, Las Vegas, My-Sugar-Na, Nutjobs, Other blogs, PBA Tour, Religion, Restaurants, Riviera Lanes, Star-Spangled Banner, Taxes, Vier Pogo Squad 51, West Allis

1.  My-Sugar-Na and I stopped by Tommasino Italia' for dinner last night.  The restaurant on 74th & Greenfield (formerly the beloved Doyle's Milwaukee Inn) is owned by Thomas Doyle.  During dinner (fantastic pizza, by the way, with fresh giardinara and parmesan on the side), I spoke with Mr. Doyle.  He stated two very interesting and believable things. 

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Believe it! A community that freezes spending in mid-year.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Reno, School Board, Taxes

Since I've been to Reno five times (and Reno isn't really that big) I know the city well enough to occasionally glance at the Reno Gazette Journal and read some of the local news.  For example, when the Mitzpah hotel burned down in October 2006 and killed 12 people, I knew exactly where that hotel was located.  This past summer when fires threatened Lake Tahoe's southern shore, again, I knew the affected area and now check in on the reconstruction of the area.

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