Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace

A good portion of our lives is spent at the workplace and working at home. Globalization has taken “do more with less resources” to a new level. Using my career experiences, observations, and education, I will bring real-life scenarios of the Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace to you for interactive dialogue and commenting. Work-life balance is not an easy feat. The goal of my blog is to dive into trilogy challenges we see and face as well as provide realistic approaches to move forward.

Homes for Our Troops - Bowling Benefit

Homes for Our Troops, fundraiser, donation, veterans, military

You Are Invited! Join us for a fantastic day of fun-filled activities and raising money for houses to accommodate our disabled veterans. Your appreciation and support can extend a long way in providing the men and women, who fought for your freedom, a place they can call home. A special fund account has been established for anyone to contribute to.

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Remembering a Great Friend, Father, and Husband

fundraiser, Waterman, Jon, Julie, Jill, college

I find myself struggling sometimes with the loss of family and friends at such young ages. It hardly makes sense when there is so much more life to live, adventures to experience, and roads not traveled. I try to be optimistic, yet it is difficult, when the past three years, I have been to more funerals than birthday parties.

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