City considers longer list of nuisance vehicles

Oct. 18, 2011

Greenfield may add to a its list of nuisances trailers or other vehicles that are used for storage and parked out in the open.

The city's Greenfield Legislative Committee on Monday recommended approval of an amended list. If the Common Council also approves the addition Nov. 1, the city will be able to force a cleanup at homes where the trailers have become eyesores.

Things are often piled around and on top of the trailers or inoperable cars and weeds grow up around them, said Jeff Cavett, fire marshal and code enforcer for the city. But without the addition to the ordinance, the city can't do anything about them.

A car or any other vehicle that's full of stuff wouldn't necessarily be deemed a nuisance. It also would have to have two other problems - such as being inoperable, partially dismantled, improperly licensed or parked in an unapproved surface.

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