Woman charged with poisoning dog over roommate's date

Published on: 1/22/2010

A 26-year-old Greenfield woman was charged Friday with destroying some of her roommate's clothes and poisoning his dog after she learned he was going on a date with another woman, a criminal complaint says.

According to the complaint:

Sarah E. Cain learned about the date by reading her roommate's text messages while he was in the shower on Tuesday.

Cain and her roommate, Michael J. Janosz, later argued.

When Janosz returned home, he saw that some of his personal belongings - including financial information and his passport - were missing, a hole had been made in a wall, and lotion had been poured on his bed.

The crotch had been cut out of all his jeans and his $1,000 suit.

He also saw that his 9-year-old Australian shepherd, Kole, was vomiting and that the dog's mouth and tongue were blue.

Janosz rushed the dog to an emergency medical center for animals, where it was treated for ingesting ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Cain later told police she started moving her belongings out of the apartment and said she hid one of Janosz's belongings as a joke.

Cain also said she dumped about a dozen dog treats on the floor to occupy the dog while she was moving her property out of the apartment. She said she later saw some crushed medicine on the floor but said she did not know how the medicine got onto the floor.

Janosz told police he saw Cain crushing pills three weeks before the incident. Cain said a sufficient quantity of ibuprofen and Tylenol could kill a dog, according to the complaint.

Cain pleaded not guilty Friday to intentionally mistreating an animal and criminal damage to property (less than $2,500 damage), according to court records. She was in custody Friday afternoon at the Milwaukee County Jail.