Car radio show lands Leno as guest

Nov. 29, 2010

Greenfield — Greenfield resident Bob Trinastic, better known as Captn' Bob from his radio show, passionately wants to stop a state proposal that would prevent some imported collector cars from getting on the road.

Naturally, he's using his radio show as a mouthpiece to advocate and educate. But he knew a high-profile guest would go even further into getting the issue out to the public.

So, how about Jay Leno?

He was tough to get a hold of, but Trinastic tried hard enough and eventually got in touch with the big-jawed, late-night talker, widely known for his enthusiasm for and huge collection of old cars.

Leno agreed to come on the Wisconsin Hotrod Radio Show, co-hosted by Trinastic and Arlo Dillman.

He later did a 15-minute interview set to air later this month on AM-1340 (WJYI) and on the radio show's website,

The result, Trinastic said, was just a couple of gearheads yapping back and forth. Leno was very gracious with his time and a "gentleman" during the interview, Trinastic said.

"We were very proud to have Jay Leno on the show," he said. "He was extremely good. He listened to us, we listened to him. He's just a normal guy like we are."

No, it wasn't bad for a couple of local radio guys to get a national celebrity, and one of the most famous car collectors in the country, on their show.

Trinastic said Leno was probably the biggest name he's ever interviewed, and more importantly, he hopes the interview will help spread their message.

The proposed law would prohibit some imported cars - older than 25 years and which did not meet federal safety standards - from being driven on the roads.

The problem, Trinastic said, is that it would prevent people from driving collector cars to and from car shows. Thus, it creates a huge burden on those owners to find other means to get their cars to the shows, he said.

Trinastic also argues those car owners are already safe with their vehicles because of their value and the difficulty finding replacement parts. One rarely hears about accidents involving those types of vehicles, he said.

Leno, who has been known to frequent car shows, makes a great case against the bill during the interview, Trinastic said.

Trinastic sees the proposal as a slippery slope. Lawmakers have previously gone after vintage military vehicles and other states are considering similar measures.

He worries that with continued law changes, the future of the car-collecting hobby will get murky.

"We got a great hobby here," Trinastic said. "People in the United States are so proud of their vehicles that we can't see it die."


WHAT: The Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Show

WHEN: 9-10 a.m. Saturday mornings

WHERE: AM-1340 (WJYI); shows are also archived online at

• The Jay Leno interview will later this month on a date yet to be determined.

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