March 13, 2012


Age: 52

Address: 12255 W. Black Oak Drive, Greenfield

Employer/occupation: Owns and manages a painting contracting business and three rental units

Education: 1977 graduate of Pius XI High School

Family: Wife, Kelly, and two daughters, Ashley (Whitnall Middle School) and Kayla (Edgerton Elementary School)

Political/related experience: Whitnall Block Party 2010 member 2011 & 2012, co-chair; Whitnall Finance Committee fundraising subcommittee member; WMS PTO member & Whitnall Youth Baseball director of umpires 2010 & 2011

Contact: (414) 550-5633; qbrunette@wi.rr.com

Why should people vote for you?

My family and I moved to this community five years ago and got involved in our district. Because of that, we have been able to meet a lot of wonderful families. Kelly and I are honest, hard-working people willing to give back to our community. We believe, as many parents in this community do, it is important to stay involved in our children's lives and share with them the values that we live by: honesty, integrity and involvement. Because of that, my family feels a part of this community.

What is the biggest issue facing the school district and how would you deal with it?

Communication. We need to do a better job as a school district communicating from the administration to the parents and from the teachers to parents. Sending notices home with our elementary students seems to be working, but doesn't work for the middle and high schools. We need to utilize the Whitnall "Infinite Campus" more. As a member of the school board, I will seek permission to use the "Infinite Campus" to write a synopsis of what transpired at the last meeting and what is coming up next. I will return your phone calls and emails promptly.


Age: 49

Address: 4559 S. 119th St., Greenfield

Employer/occupation: Service department manager at American Signal Corp. in Milwaukee

Education: Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1992

Family: Wife, Carrie (married for 17 years), and four children, Taylor (15), Nicholas (13), Daniel (12), and Brooke (9)

Political/related experience: Has served on the Whitnall School Board for just over 2½ years.

Contact: mclarizio@whitnall.com (school email); mclarizio@wi.rr.com (home email); (414) 218-8690 cell

Why should people vote for you?

People in the district should vote for me because I will continue to truly represent them while carrying out my duties as their elected representative on the Whitnall School Board. I am a parent of four Whitnall students and have owned a home in the district for over 13 years. I volunteered in the EES library for a year, assisted in second-grade reading class for a semester, and volunteered to conduct Junior Achievement courses in the classrooms many times at many grade levels.

What is the biggest issue facing the school district and how would you deal with it?

I believe the biggest issue facing the Whitnall School District is continuous improvement of product quality. We need to keep pushing the academic achievement bar higher and higher by increasing academic rigor in all subject areas while simultaneously meeting and exceeding any and all standards by which we will be measured; local, state, federal, and global.


Age: 47

Address: 6433 S. 122nd St., Franklin

Employer/occupation: Pilot/flight safety officer, U.S. Air Force Reserve; veterinarian

Education: Bachelor's degree in zoology; doctorate, veterinary medicine

Family: Married, one child in elementary school

Political/related experience: Ran for the Whitnall School Board previously

Contact: jones4whitnall@gmail.com

Why should people vote for you?

I have extensive experience in working with people of varying backgrounds and interests to solve difficult problems, while keeping communication open and effective. These are areas I think the board and administration needs improvement in. As a result, a degree of distrust between some of the community and the district has developed, effectively reducing the acceptance of the viewpoints of each group by the other. I feel I am the most experienced candidate to help the people involved improve their communication and regain trust and effectiveness in the district.

What is the biggest issue facing the school district and how would you deal with it?

Lack of trust is the overriding issue in the Whitnall School District. The lack of trust between the community, the administration and the board can have a negative impact on every aspect of district operations. We need to increase open communication between all parties involved, so discussion of potentially sensitive issues can begin earlier in the decision-making process. This will lead to a wider variety of ideas and productive discussions. As a result, solutions to issues become much less controversial and more acceptable to everyone.


Age: 47

Address: 9160 Wildflower Court, Hales Corners

Employer/occupation: Packaging sales and marketing to college bookstores

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration, Marquette University

Family: Married 24 years, two sons Alex (17) and Austin (14)

Political/related experience: President, Hales Corners Elementary PTO 2006/2007 and 2005/2006, and vice president, 2004/2005 and 2003/2004; active member of the Friends of the Hales Corners Pool; Hales Corners Christmas House chairperson

Contact: evalaitis@aol.com

Why should people vote for you?

As a mother and a taxpayer, I have a vested interest in our schools. I believe good schools, good educators and good students are good for our community. My previous school and community involvement provides a strong background and network. I bring a balanced, informed and analytical approach to decision making. I look forward to working as a team with our district administration to oversee the development of fiscally responsible budgets and educational programs that support the Whitnall mission to prepare students to succeed.

What is the biggest issue facing the school district and how would you deal with it?

The biggest challenge facing our district is always going to be the budget and how to work within it to provide strong academics that address individual student needs and offer a mix of extracurricular experiences in order to best prepare our students to succeed; while at the same time compensating our employees and maintaining our facilities. I look forward to tackling this concern each year as a team with a realistic and balanced approach.

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