Greenfield School Board gains familiar new faces

April 4, 2012

The Greenfield School Board will have three new members, but their faces aren't exactly unfamiliar.

However, the vote totals were close enough to leave some doubt after all absentee ballots are counted by week's end.

For now, results say Russell Spahn, the former Greenfield Fire Chief who ran for the board last spring and lost, was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's election.

Cathy Walsh, a former member who had been on the board for nearly two decades until 2010, was the second highest vote-getter.

Leonard Cich, a regular at Greenfield school and council meetings, was the third-highest vote getter.

Only 146 votes separate Cich from incumbent Rick Moze, who would lose his seat if results remain unchanged.

But as Walsh noted after the results were announced, it was too early to make any strong declarations about winners and losers, given the history of strong absentee turnout.

In the primary, there were over 200 absentee ballots and Walsh picked up several dozen votes as a result of the final count.

Depending on the absentee counts, there could be a swing in the winner's circle. Paul Palama, who had the next highest vote total, is likely too far out to expect absentee ballots to swing the election his favor.

The unofficial results:

Russell Spahn 2001

Cathy Walsh 1990

Len Cich 1977

Rick Moze 1831

Paul Palama 1639

Brad Sponholz 1311

Results are preliminary and aren't official until they're certified by the canvassing board. Absentee ballots likely won't be fully counted until the end of the week.

Walsh said she'd be happy to work with any of the candidates, adding that Spahn's presence on the board would be particularly beneficial to the district. She was also satisfied with the tenor of the race, at least from her end.

"I'm happy that I ran an absolutely clean campaign. I didn't do any negativity at all.."

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