West Allis cans trash cart talk for now

Feb. 19, 2013

A proposal to require all West Allis residents to buy a city trash cart to combat a growing rat problem in parts of the city, and to beautify it, was delayed by the Public Works Committee on Tuesday so that more information can be gathered.

Among other things, the committee wants to know if there is enough of a problem to warrant the requirement. The committee will likely take the matter up March 11.

About 65 percent of residents already have city carts, said Alderman Vincent Vitale, who proposed requiring the remaining 35 percent to buy them also. Not only are rats becoming amore of a problem in some eastern sections of the city, but the trash cans blow around and sometimes make it hard to get through alleys, he noted.

A 60-gallon cart would cost about $40 and a 90-gallon cart $45, he said, and residents would have two years to purchase them. The city might even be able to buy them in bulk and get a better deal for residents, Vitale said.

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