GREENFIELD 0512 to 0518

May 20, 2014



· Police responded to Walgreens, 4405 W. Loomis Road, after an unknown male stole a carton of cigarettes and physically assaulted an employee who attempted to stop him at about 2:30 a.m. May 18. The employee sustained injuries to his face and was transported to St. Luke's Hospital by the Greenfield Fire Department. The suspect was later identified through his description and similar thefts in several other jurisdictions, and a felony warrant was issued for his arrest.


· A man was arrested for burglary after he stole a Ryobi electric saw out of a storage unit in the 6400 block of West Norwich Avenue at about 4:30 p.m. May 7. The suspect was identified and arrested after the incident was captured on video surveillance footage, which the victim had installed in his storage unit due to numerous burglaries in the past.

· A resident in the 5400 block of West Whitaker Avenue reported someone stole hunting equipment out of his garage at 1:50 p.m. May 12.


· Four wheels were stolen off a silver Ford Explorer at Braeger Ford, 4201 S. 27th St., sometime between the late evening hours of May 11 and 1:10 a.m. May 12.

· A caller reported a radar detector, about $10 in change and pain medication were stolen out of his vehicle while it was parked in the 4300 block of West Grange Avenue at 11:10 a.m. May 12. The report did not state whether the vehicle was locked or unlocked at the time of the incident.

· Change was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in the 5400 block of South 43rd Street between 10 p.m. May 11 and 4:45 p.m. May 12.

· An unknown male shoplifted seven packs of Newport cigarettes at Walgreens, 4296 S. 76th St., and then fled southbound on South 76th Street in a newer gray Ford four-door sedan with no license plates at about 12:30 a.m. May 14. The suspect is described as a white male wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.

· A radio was stolen out of a locked vehicle parked in the 4800 block of South 72nd Street between 9:20 p.m. May 13 and 5:30 a.m. May 14. A window was smahed to gain entry. While investigating this incident, an officer located another vehicle that had the driver's side window smashed out, but nothing was reported missing from inside that vehicle.

· A resident in the 8500 block of West Waterford Avenue reported four tires were stolen off his Cadillac Escalade sometime between 9:30 p.m. May 15 and 9 a.m. May 16.

· A manager at Rogan's Shoes, 4350 S. 76th St., reported three females shoplifted at least one pair of shoes and then fled in a beat-up, dark tan or brown Buick at about 3:40 p.m. May 18.

Drug possession

· Police responded to BP Gas, 4715 S. 27th St., after receiving a report that a male and female were selling drugs out of a red Chevy Impala in the parking lot at about 3:05 a.m. May 18. A clerk at the station turned over a plastic bag containing a substance that was found on the ground by a customer that tested positive for crack cocaine. No arrests have been made.

Drunken driving

· A man was arrested for drunken driving in the 4300 block of South 76th Street at about 1:55 a.m. May 12. A preliminary breath test indicated a blood alcohol content of .25.

· A man was arrested for drunken driving after he ran over something in the road on South 84th Street and West Howard Avenue, and then left his vehicle sitting in the middle of the road after he was picked up by a gray sedan at about 2:20 a.m. May 15. Police found the driver at Speedway and arrested him for drunken driving (second offense). He was taken to the hospital for a blood draw, the results of which were unavailable.

· A man was arrested for drunken driving (second offense) after he was seen driving the wrong way in the 4200 block of South 27th Street at about 2:25 a.m. May 17. He was taken to the hospital for a blood draw, the results of which were unavailable.


· A caller reported he witnessed the driver of a white Dodge hit a bicyclist in the 4300 block of West Loomis Road and then flee at about 10:20 a.m. May 12. The driver was later located by police and taken into custody.


· A resident in the 5100 block of South 43rd Street reported finding a BB/pellet hole in their window at about 6:45 p.m. May 16. The resident told police the vandalism may have occurred on May 13.


· A resident in the 11900 block of West Plainfield Avenue called police at about 5:20 p.m. May 14 to report "Betsy" the wild turkey was somehow injured and she has been "bedded down" in her backyard all day. "Betsy" fled into the woods when police arrived.

· A juvenile was cited for unlawful use of a telephone after a woman reported her daughter was receiving harassing text messages from a classmate in the 4100 block of South 99th Street at 7:45 a.m. May 15.

· A "hysterical female" called 911 to report an injured baby bird on the sidewalk in the 4200 block of South 61st Street at 4:30 p.m. May 15. The bird had just fallen out of its nest and was not injured. The caller was warned about the proper use of 911.

· An unknown person driving a GMC Yukon passed a counterfeit $100 in the drive-thru at McDonald's, 4275 S. 27th St., at about 10 p.m. May 17. The driver fled the lot.

· A resident in the 4000 block of West Granada Street called police to report his neighbor was harassing him at about 9:05 a.m. May 18. The caller stated his neighbor approached him and told him he needs to talk to him or he is going to take him to court. Police spoke to the neighbor who stated he was upset over the "no trespassing" signs in the caller's yard, stating he is unable to sell his house because of them and wants them taken down. The neighbor was advised that police had already addressed the issue with the caller, but he is unwilling to take them down.

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