Greenfield schools heighten security

July 15, 2014

Greenfield — As much as $100,000 will be spent to beef up security at Greenfield's schools, with a portion being earmarked to bring security at the elementary and middle schools up to the level of Greenfield High School.

Those improvements will include upgrading intrusion alarms at the elementary and middle schools, said Scott Miller, director of buildings and grounds.

All the schools also will replace keys with fobs or cards, he said, which are more secure than keys.

Fobs and cards are programmed for certain people and if they are lost, they can be taken out of the system, he said. But the same can't be said of keys.

"You don't know who has keys," he said.

In addition, anyone finding a fob or a card would have no idea what they are for, while keys might be identified, Miller added.

The cost of the security improvements is estimated at $80,000 to $100,000, and the money will come from the technology budget.

"Basically, this is technology, just not on the curricular side," Miller said.

Currently, entrances to all the schools are locked during school hours. The main entrances are equipped with a camera, speaker and a buzzer to let visitors in, he said. Anyone wanting to enter must first speak to someone in the office who can actually see him or her and decide whether to buzz them in.

There are no metal detectors at any school, and none are planned, he added.

— Jane Ford-Stewart

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