Endorsing a penny pincher for School Board

Feb. 2, 2010

Public Forum:

We heartily endorse Don Carlson for the Greenfield School Board. He is a former Greenfield alderman who takes a great interest in our community.

He is well-educated, and one of his greatest qualities is that he's a penny pincher.

The two incumbents who are running reflect the lack of leadership on the board. Under the current board, most members vote almost exactly as they are told.

Taxes have risen and spending seems to be of no concern as long as we taxpayers are footing the bill. At a time when people are losing their homes through foreclosure - and their jobs, as well - a change is in order. The current board, for the most part, has also approved nice sized raises for the superintendent and his minions. Now is not the time.

Carlson was a dedicated alderman who did not choose to run again, but remains a member of our community who really cares.

Patrick and Nancy Allan


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