Feb. 8, 2010

Public Forum;

As the primary election for the Greenfield School Board nears, it is important for all of the school district voters and taxpayers to understand who is running for the board, the experience they have and how they will continue to ensure that the students attending the Greenfield schools are getting the best education possible.

These elected positions are not for one's personal agenda but for the good of the students attending all Greenfield public schools.

Had the district not received $1.8 million less in state funding, the tax levy for the public schools would have been less than 4 percent. Greenfield residents need to understand the current funding formula and get our state senators and legislators to correct the flawed formula so state aid is spread evenly among all public schools.

The School Board and superintendent have worked tirelessly to make more than $5 million in budget cuts over the past eight years - cuts that have had the least impact possible to the excellent educational experience that our schools offer.

Cathy Walsh and Pam Sierzchulski have the experience that is needed to continue the challenging task of making the correct choices for the district.

When the residents of Greenfield voted to remodel the high school, they made the right choice. Now the citizens need to vote to assure that the integrity of the board is maintained and that the best interests for our children's education is maintained in the future.

Please educate yourselves on the candidates, their experience, the issues and vote.

Lori Solberg




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