Backing a business-like candidate for alderman

Feb. 5, 2014

Public Forum:

I'd like to say a few words about Jim Palmar, who is running for 2nd District alderman in Greenfield.

Palmar will address all funding issues in the city. He not only holds a degree in business and a master's degree but has worked in the field of business for most of his working life. We need someone with a business education and business experience to back it up.

Jim is retired now and will devote his time and energy to the residents he will serve. He will work to secure grant and, work with all branches of government to find "out of the box" solutions to address issues in the city.

We need a fresh voice.

I've known Jim and his family for 20 years and can tell you how much he cares about this city and the people who live in it. He is compassionate to all needs and will always take the time to talk and try to find a solution.

We need someone like Palmar who is confident and has the answers. Let's give him to a chance. I'm voting for Palmar because he is the one to get it done. He'll fight for all of us. He's just that kind of man.

Denise Kunz


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