General election voters guide for West Allis-West Milwaukee School Board

March 18, 2014

Editor's Note: Candidates were asked to limit responses to 100 words.


Age: 59

Address: 2975 S. 94th St., West Allis

Years in district: 34

Employer/occupation: self-employed, HighPower Communications

Education: graduate of Brookfield East High School, 1972; went back to school and graduated in May 2008 from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in communications and human resources

Political history: West Allis-West Milwaukee School Board, 2010-present

Community involvement: Candy Cane Lane for 28 years; collecting food for the Good Samaritan Food Pantry, 25 years; current School Board service on the Grant Committee, Student Services Committee and Recreation and Community Relations Committee; member Survive Alive Committee

Family: wife, Pam; son and two daughters, all of whom graduated from Nathan Hale High School and grandchildren attending the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools


What is the biggest challenge facing the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools and how would you address it?

We must keep moving forward on strategies in order to afford students the best foundation for their educational growth for their future. These methods include providing strategies and approaches for teachers for students' continual development. Embracing classroom size and space within the district is significant. Bringing more of today's technology into the classrooms is essential. By working on fundraisers and grants and with local business to raise funds, this can be accomplished. We all have to remember the students of today are our future.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

There are many reasons people should vote for me, but mostly I want to run again for the children — to provide them a solid foundation that we will continue to build upon to be successful in today's world. Other reasons include my constant interest in the schools as my grandchildren attend them. Secondly, I care about how tax dollars are spent. Also, I have been heavily involved in school and community activities. Being on the board has been a great experience and I would like to continue. I am still up to the challenge and look for your support.


Age: 48

Address: 1034 S. 89th S., West Allis

Years in district: 48

Employer/occupation: District Council 48, secretary

Education: West Milwaukee High School; classes at MATC

Political history: first try for public office

Community involvement: Beautification Committee and the Block Grant Committee

Family: husband, Joe; daughter, Sarah, 27; son, Nick, 25; two grandsons, Andrew and Colton

Contact: (414) 333-2578; email:

What is the biggest challenge facing the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools and how would you address it?

The biggest challenge is getting the parents more involved in their children's education from the beginning to the end. Have more open communication at School Board meetings by putting public participation first instead of at the end of the meetings.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

We need to strive for academic excellence for all students. Continuing technology in the classroom is imperative. We must all focus on fiscal responsibility, end rubber stamping issues and stress open communications for everyone. I am concerned about our children's future and would like the opportunity to make a difference in the district by serving on the School Board. I will devote my time to listen. Not only to the parents, but to every taxpayer in our community. I will be your voice for the future.


Age: 58

Address: 7822 W. Manitoba St.

Years in district: 56

Employer/occupation: Aurora Cardiovascular Services, insurance referral specialist

Education: graduated from West Allis Central; University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, one year; UW-Waukesha, one year; WCTC Apprenticeship Certificate in Culinary Arts; attended Maxim's School for Culinary Arts in Paris, France

Political history: elected to School Board, 2011

Community involvement: member and secretary of Wisconsin PTA Alumni; past president of Nathan Hale PTSA, and General Mitchell PTA; currently on McCarty Parkwatch board; volunteer with West Allis Lions Club and with the Community Alliance Against Drugs

Family: son, Canyon McBride, 25; daughter, Tricia McBride, 24

Contact: (414) 852-1945;

What is the biggest challenge facing the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools and how would you address it?

The superintendent and the administration have assured the School Boardthat we provide "individualized learning plans" for all students. I think this is great, but I question how an elementary teacher with 25-30 students can do that, not to mention how a high school teacher with 150 students can. We must meet state and federal laws, collect data, implement new standards and testing, with less money. Our district employees have become proficient in grant writing, and I hope that some of that money will go toward hiring more teachers and teaching assistants to help manage the workload.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

The best reasons to vote for me is because I do care about our community families and the education that students in our district receive. I will always respond to any concerns, and discuss it with district administrators and/or board members. I will encourage community members to come and speak before the board at our public meetings, where they can have their comments videotaped and on TV to communicate with others in the community.


Age: 60

Address: 2124 S. 59th St., West Allis

Years in district: 25

Employer/occupation: quality assurance contractor

Education: bachelor's degree in chemistry from Valparaiso University

Political history: WA-WM School Board, elected in 2011; Business Services Committee (three years), secretary (two), treasurer (one), Communication and Legislation Committee (one), Youth Commission 2011-2012, West Milwaukee Civil Commission until 2007

Community involvement: PTA member and officer at Pershing Elementary, at West Milwaukee, and at West Allis Central; West Allis Women's Club; West Allis Central High School Booster Club board member (treasurer); West Allis Central Music Association (scholarship chair); Survive Alive board member; Village Partnership

Family: husband, Dale; daughter, Samantha, 23

Contact: (414) 541-6459;

What is the biggest challenge facing the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools and how would you address it?

The biggest challenge facing the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools is to continue to have every student succeed so they are career- or college-ready. This requires our administrators, educators and staff to commit to the standards that are required and address how we can adapt and improve our curriculum to have all students graduate being career- or college-ready. Education is an always changing, evolving and growing.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

One, I am a committed member of the school board and community. Two, I feel my first term was productive. Three, I continue to help give every student have the opportunity to succeed and be a valued member of the community.

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